Hornsby Bend, Texas 78725, USA is Rich in History

Hornsby Bend, also known as Hornsby or Hornsby’s, is on Farm Road 969 and the Colorado River, nine miles east of Austin in eastern Travis County. It was named for Reuben Hornsby, who settled there in 1832 and served as postmaster during the Republic of Texas era. The community has been called the oldest settlement in Travis County. A United States post office was established at Hornsby Bend in 1856, but it was discontinued during the Civil War and not reopened until 1886. Information can be found here.

Historic School District

In 1905, the Hornsby Bend schools combined with Dunlap’s to form the Hornsby-Dunlap school district. The Hornsby-Dunlap district was annexed to the Del Valle Independent School District in 1967. Hornsby Bend’s population was reported as ten in the 1930s and 1940s and as twenty from the 1950s through 2000. See here for information about Daffan, Texas 78724, USA is a Fun-Filled Neighborhood.

Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory

Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory is one of the historical landmarks in the Hornsby Bend community. It is hosted by the Austin Water Utility Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend. More than 350 bird species have been recorded here. The Hornsby Bend complex contains four lagoons, woods along the Colorado River, and fields. Be prepared for occasional unpleasant odors during the summer.