No matter the setting – be it a neighborhood, school, public space, park, entertainment center, or office building – the top priority is always the safety of everyone involved. When tasked with protecting a large group of individuals, it is crucial to address any security risks as a top priority. Recognizing that one cannot be everywhere at once is key. This realization leads us to the answer you’re looking for: Mobile Patrol Services available in Louisiana offer the solution you need.

The presence of Mobile Patrol Officers on your property offers numerous benefits. Their continuous patrols serve as a powerful deterrent against vandalism, theft, loitering, drug use, and other criminal activities. By varying their routes to prevent predictability, the officers keep potential wrongdoers guessing and unable to plan their actions in advance. In the event of a crime, their quick response ensures that perpetrators are promptly caught – a stark difference from areas without mobile patrols where criminals often escape capture easily.

When you choose the services of Ranger Guard Mobile Patrol, our dedicated officers maintain constant watch over your property, especially at night when visibility is low. In addition to monitoring for criminal behavior, our team performs routine checks on all areas of your premises. Any indications of damage, like a damaged gate, window, or fence, are quickly communicated to you with utmost urgency. By promptly addressing issues such as a malfunctioning latch, we proactively prevent security risks and improve the safety and protection of your property through thorough maintenance and meticulous care.


Ranger Guard Mobile Patrol Services

Our abilities go beyond mere coverage of a large area. We are prepared to react promptly to alarms and offer a variety of extra services. When you engage our team, expect professionally dressed mobile patrol officers, armed or unarmed, each with two-way radios, pepper spray, and batons. We will place signs in English and Spanish directing trespassers to leave the property. These signs warn against trespassing and loitering on your premises, with all illegal activities being watched and probed by our on-site mobile patrol officer. Moreover, the signage notifies individuals that they could be interrogated while on private property.

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Ranger Guard is a licensed and insured security agency in Louisiana that offers professional security services. Our clients can choose from armed or unarmed officers, as well as long or short-term contracts. We take pride in our work and aim to provide an excellent experience for our clients. If you have any inquiries, please contact our management team at (504)-285-4799 today.