Unarmed Officers Services companies in Fort Worth, Texas, specializes in providing security for corporate executives, celebrities, and other VIPs. They provide professional guards, security guards, and licensed private security officers for events, meetings, and anywhere in or around Fort Worth, Texas. Besides our services to corporate clients and celebrities, they also provide security services to small business owners, homeowners, renters, students, hospitals, and health care centers. Our highly trained professional guards are experts in providing security protection and safety services to the general public at affordable prices.  Look here for more about Fort Worth, TX.


They provide security services to corporations and individuals as well as security officers. Private security officers provide security for day-to-day events, homes, businesses, and rental properties. They are responsible for protecting the lives and properties of business and residence tenants, homeowners and renters, students, and visitors on their properties. They offer several types of security services, including but not limited to video surveillance, spot checks, closed-circuit television, closed-circuit video, and infrared cameras, and fingerprinting. In addition to our security services to businesses and the public, our officers serve a need that is unique to our company: families need our officers to provide protection for their families during times when the rest of the family is at home or at school. Click here to read about Unarmed Officers Services Companies in Fort Worth, Texas – Perfect Respond to Emergencies.

As a privately-owned company, they do not hire police officers, and therefore, our personnel is limited to retired Texas peace officers and convicted felons. Our officers receive specialized training and are well-trained in recognizing unlawful behavior and criminal acts. Unarmed officers, by law, are required to remain within 100 feet of a person who is engaging in the act of violent conduct or if it appears that they may be about to begin to do so.