In Some Situations, Unarmed Security Guards Are Ideal

There are some situations in Houston, TX where armed security guards are required, but there are others where Houston unarmed security guards are the best choice. Here are a few of those situations. Houston, TX can be seen here.

Crowd Control

In some circumstances, Houston unarmed security guards are required for crowd control. This is especially true at large events like concerts or sporting events. Houston unarmed security guards can deal with situations that may arise in any large crowd. Some venues in Houston, TX choose to hire both armed and unarmed security guards. Companies like Ranger Guard & Investigations can provide armed and unarmed security guards in Houston. See here for information about How To Find The Right Houston Security Service.


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Loss Prevention

Houston unarmed security guards are also helpful in retail settings, especially when it comes to loss prevention. Experts have determined that the presence of an unarmed security guard can reduce a store’s losses by as much as 20 percent. 

Residential Facilities

Houston unarmed security guards are also a popular choice for residential facilities, including apartment complexes and nursing homes. Unarmed security guards can help residents and staff at these facilities. They provide a feeling of safety that most tenants are seeking in a residential complex.