Hiring Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas, has long been a way for law enforcement to keep the peace and maintain public safety. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution gives law enforcement the right to arrest any individual they feel is acting suspicious or does not meet the law. In the past, hiring these qualified individuals was often difficult as most towns did not have the technology to video surveillance and monitor citizens on the job. With digital video equipment being so affordable, more cities are catching on to this new hiring security personnel trend. Click here for facts about Houston, TX.


There are many benefits to hiring Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas, compared to hiring regular police officers. Unarmed security guards have training on how to react to different types of emergencies. For example, if a homeowner calls the police to have their babysitter remove a child from a room because they saw a knife lying on the floor, an unarmed security guard would be able to respond by taking the child away from the situation without harming the homeowner. Unarmed security officers also do not have weapons are drawn, which means they will not have to fire their guns, which can be a problem if an officer faces deadly force. Unarmed security officers are more likely to give non-lethal stun guns and taser devices to citizens who may be threatening them. Information about The Benefits of Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas can be found here. 

The unarmed officer hiring in Houston, Texas, is one of the requirements that the Texas State Inspectors checks on. When looking for Unarmed Security Officers in Houston, agencies should inquire about the peace officer training that each one undergoes. Most state inspectors will require applicants to pass a test that measures applicants’ knowledge in crime prevention and response, chemical agents, physical safety, and emergency medical services. A recommendation from the Texas State Inspector will also help to ensure that the agency is hiring the best possible candidates for the job.