Unarmed officers in Texas are responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining law and order. These are the services of unarmed officers in Texas. This organization’s men and women will work tirelessly to ensure that Texas citizens have the best possible protection required to protect them from the dangers that lay within each community. Their tireless efforts will have a positive impact on public safety and security. Texas State Troopers will continue to work closely with other Texas law enforcement agencies to ensure the public’s safety and promote law rule in the Lone Star State. The services of unarmed officers greatly benefit Texas citizens and all individuals residing in Texas’s vicinity. Further facts about Houston, TX can be found here.


Being an unarmed officer brings both benefits and challenges to the job. First, you are a peace officer because you cannot have weapons in your possession unless registered as peace officers in Texas. Second, as an unarmed individual, you are not protected by Texas law against assault, battery, criminal damage, or burglary. Discover facts about The Role of Houston, Texas Unarmed Officers Services.

Unarmed officers are in high-risk jobs that put them in potentially hazardous situations daily. Unarmed officers risk being shot by their police or by a criminal. Also, they do not have the same protections afforded to sworn officers. In the line of duty, they expect to make split-second decisions, and sometimes they are faced with impossible choices where life and death are involved. Because of these risks, Texas law requires its peace officers to have the latest weapons and body armor designed to minimize injury or death in these types of situations.