Security Investigations in Texas


When people think of investigations, they assume it means a private investigator in a trench coat snooping around various places for clues linking a person to a crime. However, in today’s world, a security investigation is nothing like this. Instead, modern investigations rely on not only a knowledge of criminal law by investigators, but also aspects of technology that can involve the use of sophisticated computer databases, advanced computer forensics, state-of-the-art surveillance methods, and much more. Whether done for an individual or a corporation, there are many factors connected to providing security investigation services that can get answers to difficult questions.

Trained and Experienced Investigators

Whether determining if a spouse is having an extramarital affair, an employee is stealing from a warehouse, or perhaps a long-time volunteer may be embezzling funds from a local charitable organization, these questions are answered only by using investigators who are trained and experienced in the latest investigative techniques. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all investigators are trained not only in criminal law, but also advanced computer forensics. With this capability, they can unlock computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling them to access information others may be attempting to hide. Along with this, since many investigators have prior law enforcement and military intelligence experience, they can access little-known databases containing important information. By doing so, a case can often reach its conclusion much faster than anticipated.

Surveillance Methods

When performing corporate security and investigations, many types of surveillance methods are used. Along with the most common methods of following a suspect on foot and by vehicle, Ranger investigators also make excellent use of today’s most innovative technology when conducting surveillance. This can involve sophisticated audio and video equipment, as well as various apps and other IT methods designed specifically for high-tech surveillance. In many cases, investigators can even work undercover in an office or other environment, enabling them to observe potential suspects up close and gain firsthand knowledge of their day-to-day activities.

Confidential Information

Since any investigation may uncover information that could be embarrassing to many people as well as a company’s reputation, it’s important to work with investigators who understand this. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, confidentiality and integrity are of the utmost importance. Because of this, all investigators are made well aware that all information gathered is to be discussed only with the client. To make sure this happens, those seeking security investigation jobs with Ranger Guard and Investigations undergo a variety of tests and background checks before ever being hired and assigned to work on a case. This includes strict drug testing, a variety of aptitude tests to gauge a person’s judgement and skill set, and background checks to verify employment, education, and character references. By performing these tests and verifying an applicant’s information, clients can know the investigator assigned to their case is a person of high standards and ethics.

Beginning an Investigation

In many cases, clients are reluctant to initiate an investigation for a number of reasons. Along with the potential of being embarrassed, they are often hesitant simply because they cannot believe a person they have put full trust in may be committing an illegal or immoral act. Despite these reservations, it’s imperative to get the answers to these questions in a manner that is thorough, professional, and timely. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is always our goal. While some investigations will naturally take longer than others depending on their complexity, we strive to make sure investigators have the tools and resources needed to complete an investigation as soon as possible.

No Need for Multiple Investigators

In many security agencies, multiple investigators are used on the same case. While this may sound fine, the result can often be a hefty bill for the client, as well as an investigation that may drag on for months. Rather than take this approach, Ranger Guard and Investigations chooses to assign only one investigator to a case most of the time. In doing so, the investigator is well-trained in all aspects of modern investigative techniques, has been extensively briefed on the case, and has developed a definitive strategy for both security and investigations while working on the case.

Work with Experts

If you have a nagging feeling something is wrong inside your company or a relationship, it may be time to use the services of a trained investigator. To learn more about how the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist you, call 713-357-8225 or visit