Unarmed security guards in San Antonio are an excellent option for your business. The unarmed security guard can protect you and your employees, as well as the facility itself. Unarmed Security Guards could do rounds on-site without having a weapon with them at all times. It can be easily replaced if they quit or get fired from their job Unarmed Security Guard Training is also very important when hiring any armed or unarmed security officer. If someone has terrible training, it will show their work ethic and how they operate throughout the day while working for your company.  San Antonio, TX can be seen here.

Unarmed Security Guard Rates in San Antonio can vary from company to company. In most cases, it’s better off not even hiring an individual that doesn’t have good training because it could end up being costly than what they earn per hour. Still, you need to take your time and find the right person that fits within your budget while still getting good quality work done throughout your shift. Click here to read about Why Should You Hire An Unarmed Security Guard in San Antonio, TX.

In San Antonio, Texas, unarmed security guards make up most of the industry and do not carry weapons. Unarmed security is an excellent option for businesses looking to hire someone who will protect while still maintaining an air of professionalism. Unarmed security staff generally handle crowd control and interactions with customers or clients, while armed guards can take on more physical roles such as stopping car theft or apprehending shoplifters. Unarmed officers often receive training from different types of organizations, including colleges, associations like ASIS International (formerly known as American Society for Industrial Security), local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and other approved firearms-training facilities across San Antonio where they learn how to be effective even without carrying a weapon.