Why Armed Security?

Sometimes, having armed security personnel at your facility is the best safety and security option for you, your tenants, and/or employees. In order to work and purchase goods/services effectively, your employees and customers must first feel safe and secure: That’s where we come in! 

You do not need to make this decision on how to best protect your facility alone. We understand that each and every complex and building is unique. You can schedule a consultation and Ranger Guard and Investigations can give you a free quote on each available service. Visit https://rangerguard.net/request-a-proposal/ for more information.  Houston, TX can be seen here.

Screening Our Staff 

In addition to training our staff at a high level, each of our employees goes through a rigorous screening process to ensure that each of our employees has a proven history of acting in a way that reflects our company standards. In addition to background checks, professional references, personal references, and drug screens–each of our applicants completes several aptitude tests to gauge their strengths in other areas that will set them apart from other officers/guards, such as customer service skills, communication abilities, and good judgment. 

For more on our staff screening process that helps set Ranger Guard and Investigations apart from the rest, visit https://www.rangerguard.net/rg/armed-guard-in-texas/Discover facts about Safety In Screening:  Medical Facilities.

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