Security Guard On Duty At A Concert Event

Concerts are about music. But as in any venue with large numbers of people attending, concerts are full of risk. Fights can break out, concertgoers can become drunk and disorderly and crowd control issues can cause injuries and stampedes. In the worst case scenario, a terrorist attack or other violent event can strike at any time. Attendees need to know you have taken concert security into consideration so they can have peace of mind and enjoy the evening. 

As a venue operator you need to ensure that the focus is on the music. That means making sure everything else which could go wrong is

taken care of. 

Often this means having armed security personnel at your concert or event is the best safety and security option for both you as a business owner and the people attending. For people to really be able to have a great time, they need to feel safe.

You do not need to make this decision alone. We understand that each and every situation is unique. What really matters is ensuring that your hire for handling security has the right training. Getting in touch with a high quality reputable security company such as Ranger Guard will help you plan the right security solution for your event that matches your budget.

Standard Security Procedure for Concerts

Each venue is different, so developing the right level of concert security plan starts with an individual consultation. The right approach depends on the number of entrances and exits, how crowdflow needs to move through the building, the size of the venue and how many people are expected to attend. When Ranger Guard carries out these free consultations, once we have all that information we recommend a plan that maximizes security while keeping things efficient and low-cost. Where appropriate this will include installing technology such as metal detectors or cameras at relevant locations for more rigorous security checks as people enter and leave. 

At many venues prominently placed armed guards at all main entrances act as a significant deterrent to any untoward activity. Criminals will take one look at Ranger officers on duty in neat pressed uniforms with their weapons and think twice before trying anything. We also typically station patrols throughout the premises to ensure theft, fights and other issues are kept to a minimum. Our staff can be trained to recognize authentic tickets or bar passes to help prevent fraud eating into your profit margins.

For venues where armed guards would make some attendees uncomfortable, Ranger Guard has a range of uniformed unarmed guards available to provide front of house security. All our officers are trained to engage courteously with customers. We know that at event venues giving out directions and managing crowdflow are important parts of the role. Our guards are highly experienced crowd managers and will direct your attendees seamlessly. Where relevant we also have K-9 agents available. These large dogs will add an extra layer of deterrence and keep unruly crowds in line.

Security are also tasked with managing your evacuation plan. Managers at concert venues need to know that in the event of an emergency the location can be swiftly and easily evacuated. Security are trained to liaise with other front of house staff including bartenders, promoters, cloakroom clerks and ticket handlers to ensure everyone knows the plan and is able to swiftly and easily follow it should the need arise. In an event such as a mass shooting, armed security guards will be able to engage the shooter while others implement the evacuation strategy. As experienced security consultants, Ranger Guard will help you optimize this plan and keep it updated. This includes protocols to engage with law enforcement where necessary. 

What Do Security Guards Do At Concerts

Whatever the specifics of your security situation, our staff is incredibly well-trained to handle all types of special events. When hiring we prioritize armed guards/officers with police and/or military training and experience. We know that these individuals have the proven skills needed to calm difficult situations that have been tested in the field.

All Ranger Guard staff are trained in the following: First Aid/CPR, Firearms, Patrol Techniques, Emergency Communication, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics and verbal deescalation tactics. These skills are in addition to state licensing requirements and prior experience. In order to further improve the quality of our team we also conduct rigorous drug testing and background checks of all recruits. This makes sure we maintain the highest possible professional standards.  

Ranger Guard is ready to serve you and your concert-goers, with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and respect. With Ranger Guard on duty, you can provide everyone at your event with the sense of safety they deserve.

To find out how to optimize your event security plan, contact us to schedule a free security consultation today. We will work with your team to secure your concert and make sure you are able to focus on what matters most to you – throwing a successful event.