Video Surveillance in Texas


Since the world in which we live today seems fraught with numerous acts of violence and other crimes each day, security is a topic on everyone’s mind. However, as technology has made its way into the private security industry, many more clients are now looking at how security guards and that technology can be combined to keep people and various types of properties as safe as possible. From sophisticated monitoring systems to ones that can be used during the course of patrols, when discussing security video surveillance is one of the most important aspects. If you are in the need for state-of-the-art surveillance and security, here are some ways Ranger Guard and Investigations can help you combine experienced personnel and technology to create a safe environment.

Loss Prevention

In many retail stores, shoplifting and employee theft is a growing problem. While many of these businesses choose to simply use in-house personnel in an attempt to stop these problems, this rarely works. Instead, most data has shown that a combination of trained security guards and interactive video surveillance systems proves to be the most effective. For many businesses, this means establishing a control room where a video surveillance system can be installed and monitored by security personnel. In taking this approach, officers can use video surveillance to hone in on an area within a store where suspicious activity is taking place, allowing thieves to be caught as quickly as possible.

Mobile Patrols

When many people think of video surveillance, they automatically assume fixed video monitoring systems are the only option. However, with the creation of wireless networks and mobile devices, remote video surveillance has now become a major part of many security programs for businesses, apartment complexes, and other facilities. By using these systems, security guards can have much greater capabilities when performing their patrols of buildings and grounds. Since these systems allow for real-time uploading of photos and videos of areas that are being patrolled, clients as well as security supervisors can have instant access to data, enabling them to analyze situations and relay instructions and other details to on-site guards.

After-Hours Monitoring

In many situations, one of the best ways security guards and video surveillance systems can be combined to be most effective is in performing after-hours monitoring of office buildings, industrial facilities, and other areas where few people will be located overnight. This can be a very important aspect of private security services, since it is during these times and in these environments where many types of crimes take place. From vandalism and theft to sexual assaults and drug transactions, using video surveillance to perform after-hours monitoring can create a much safer situation for all involved. In most cases, a guard will be able to perform these functions from a central command center, where they will have video access to all areas of a facility, as well as be in constant communication with supervisory personnel.

Key Source of Evidence

Once clients decide to use video surveillance companies to install state-of-the-art surveillance systems, they quickly realize the videos from these systems can be used as key sources of evidence in criminal cases. Because it will often be difficult to prove someone stole items, performed acts of vandalism, or assaulted another person, having video evidence to support the claims and evidence at the scene can be crucial to gaining a conviction. In many cases, law enforcement will require video evidence of certain crimes before they can proceed with an arrest, so it is crucial for security guards who are responsible for monitoring these systems be properly trained in their use. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we make sure all guards given assignments involving video surveillance are trained in the usage of various types of fixed and remote systems.

Special Events Video Surveillance

At events where large numbers of people can gather for a concert, sporting event, or festival, using video surveillance can be very beneficial in many ways. From stopping potential violent acts to alerting law enforcement of those in the crowd who need to be removed for various reasons, video surveillance can often be the difference in preventing many dangerous situations from escalating.

Since security guards and video surveillance systems can be combined to be extremely effective in numerous environments, it is a great option for businesses, residential complexes, and other areas where security is needed. To learn more about video surveillance installation services, contact the security experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations by visiting or calling 832-924-8311.