Video Monitoring Services in Houston


When it comes to security, a picture is worth a thousand words. Because of this, more and more companies, property owners, and others rely on video surveillance monitors to provide an extra layer of security to their grounds and facilities. However, when deciding to select a private security firm that can offer a video monitoring service, it’s important to remember that not all private security firms are created equal. Depending upon the firm, you may find yourself paying for surveillance equipment that is outdated, prone to breakdowns, and offers a picture that barely allows you to see what is occurring on the video. Therefore, when choosing this type of service, here are some key points to take into consideration.

Real-time Reporting

While most video surveillance systems of years past may have been able to capture wrongdoing, they were not able to do so in real-time. Thus, it was harder for security personnel and others to intervene when it was needed most. However, today’s video surveillance technology allows for incidents to be captured in real-time, enabling security personnel to respond to an incident the moment it occurs. By doing so, facilities and people are made much safer. And along with this, real-time reporting can prove to be very useful in court, since the footage will have the date, time, and location included on it, leaving no doubt as to when an incident occurred.

Automated Dispatch

In addition to real-time reporting, another advantage of using a remote video monitoring system is its ability to be connected to an automated dispatch system. By having this capability, the system will instantly alert not only security personnel who are monitoring the system, but also other officers who may be assigned to the area as well. In doing so, it will be possible for officers to intervene much faster, and also contact local law enforcement and other first responders in a much more rapid fashion, creating a much safer environment.

Loss Prevention

Whether it’s a retail store, industrial facility warehouse, office building, or other area, the fact is both customers and employees will often attempt to steal merchandise, supplies, and other items. When this happens, not only do they get away with a crime, but prices for goods and services often increase to help businesses offset these losses. But by using remote video monitoring, many of these acts can be eliminated, and those who do steal can be apprehended and prosecuted much more often. By using surveillance systems that are easily concealed, most shoplifters and thieves don’t even know they are being monitored. As a result, they feel free to commit their crimes, making it very easy to catch them in the act.

Trained Personnel

While many people may think anyone can do video surveillance, the truth is it takes security personnel who are well-trained in numerous aspects of security. For example, all officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are trained in Criminal Law, which lets them learn how to spot those who may be preparing to commit theft or another type of crime. In addition to this, they are also trained in proper use of video surveillance equipment, as well as Defensive Tactics and other security measures to be used when approaching and apprehending a suspect. By relying on these specialized areas of training, Ranger security officers can keep a situation under control until law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Private Investigations

Along with using video surveillance in various facilities, the technology used by Ranger Guard and Investigations can also be used to conduct private investigations as well. By using remote video surveillance systems to track an employee who may be embezzling funds or stealing supplies from a warehouse, or perhaps following the movements of a person whom an employer believes may be faking an injury in hopes of winning a lawsuit, video surveillance can play a key role in gathering evidence in these and other cases.

Find Out More about Video Surveillance

With numerous advances in technology, today’s video monitor surveillance systems are far ahead of previous systems. As a result, the systems can be used in virtually any setting, and for any type of case. Therefore, if you are an employer in need of video surveillance for your company’s offices or facilities, or a spouse who needs answers to difficult questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ranger Guard and Investigations. By doing so, you’ll be able to speak to experienced and knowledgeable private security professionals who can explain video surveillance in greater detail.