Top Security Guard in Texas


In many situations where security is a top priority, clients want a special security guard who is trained to handle dangerous situations. Whether this involves medical emergencies, workplace violence, terrorist attacks, or other situations, it is imperative the security officers on duty during these incidents be able to use sound judgement and professional training to keep people and property as safe as possible. Due to the many dangers people confront in today’s world, picking the best private security firm for security guard services is very important. Because of this, more and more clients are turning to Ranger Guard and Investigations when they need a top security guard.

Professional Training

Since there is the potential for a variety of situations to occur during the course of their shift, private security officers must be trained to handle almost anything. Knowing this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes professional training a high priority for all officers. Therefore, before starting any assignment, all officers receive comprehensive training in such areas as Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Verbal Deescalation Techniques, Emergency Communications and Evacuations, Criminal Law, and numerous other areas.

Experience and Professionalism

Even if you have the biggest security guard in the business, if they lack the proper training, experience, and professionalism, chances are they will be unable to keep you safe. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations strives to make sure that all guards assigned to clients possess the highest levels of experience and professionalism. To accomplish this, we hire many applicants who have years of experience as police officers, military intelligence officers, combat personnel, and other related occupations. By doing so, we can give our clients peace of mind, since the guards assigned to them will have already demonstrated an ability to handle the most complex and dangerous situations in a calm, professional manner where sound judgement often made the difference between life and death.

Licensing and Certifications

In addition to having guards assigned to them who have high levels of experience, training, and professionalism, clients also need guards who possess the necessary licensing and certifications. Not only does this guarantee they have the qualifications necessary for their positions, but it also ensures the security firm and client will not open themselves up to possible liability issues regarding the officer’s actions while on duty. To make sure all legal avenues are properly covered prior to assigning guards to clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations works with the Texas Department of Public Safety to guarantee all officers receive the required licensing and certifications needed to perform their duties in Texas.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Depending upon the type of security a client needs, Ranger Guard and Investigations will help them determine whether armed or unarmed guards are necessary. In some situations such as hospital security, industrial and office complexes, banks, and museums, armed guards are often deemed to be the best choice. However, other situations such as concerts, sporting events, retail stores, and other locations can often be best served with unarmed officers. However, to make sure the assignment will have the best type of officer on duty, Ranger Guard and Investigations will always meet with clients to discuss their concerns, as well as conduct a survey of the site to ensure all possible risk factors have been assessed. In addition to these tasks, Ranger will also make sure all armed guards assigned to clients have received training in the proper use of firearms, and have the required licensing and permits as well.

Special Security Assignments

In some cases, private security guards will be needed to handle special security assignments. In most cases, this will involve providing one-on-one protection for VIPs such as business executives, pro athletes, or other famous individuals who are considered to be at high-risk for potential harm. When these assignments are needed by clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations assigns guards who possess the highest levels of training and experience in this aspect of security. In addition, guards given these assignments are provided training in such areas as K-9 Security, Crowd Control and Bag Searches, Defensive Driving Skills, and Surveillance Methods.

If you need famous security guards to protect famous people or places, look no further than Ranger Guard and Investigations. With our many years of experience, excellent reputation, and ability to handle a wide variety of situations, clients can have peace of mind once they put their trust in our private security officers. To discuss your security needs with us, call 832-924-8311 or fill out an online contact form at today.