Top Security Guard Companies


As security has become important for businesses, schools, and other places, many private security firms have been started to meet the growing demand. However, as clients unfortunately discover only after it’s too late, all security guard companies are not created equal. From a lack of proper licensing and certifications to a lack of experience and training, clients must always take precautions when looking for the top security guard companies with which to do business. To ensure you make the best decision, here are some reasons why Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first choice for security.

Best Personnel

When hiring a private security firm, it’s always critical personnel who will be in charge of guarding employees, residents, attendees, and others be the best in the industry. At Ranger, this is a standard which is always followed. Whether working with veterans who are retiring from the military and seeking civilian careers, retired law enforcement personnel who still have a desire to protect and serve, or recent college graduates who have chosen to make law enforcement and security their career, Ranger Guard and Investigations actively seeks out applicants with these backgrounds, knowing they often make the best guards in the industry.

Exceptional Training

Along with working with individuals who have previous experience in law enforcement or military service, Ranger Guard and Investigations also prides itself on having perhaps the most thorough and up-to-date training program in the industry. As a result, Ranger is continually ranked as one of the top security guard companies to work for a year in and year out. Since guards can be assigned to many different situations, Ranger offers training in many areas. Some of the most important areas officers receive training in are Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Surveillance and Patrol Methods, Criminal Law, Defensive Techniques, First Aid, Access and Crowd Control, and Emergency Communications and Procedures. Along with these areas, Ranger also offers training in specialty areas of security, including K-9 Security and Patrol, Computer Forensics, Loss Prevention, and Investigative Techniques. Thanks to having such well-trained officers, Ranger is often listed as one of the top 5 security guard companies.

High-Tech Security

As more and more aspects of law enforcement now rely on various aspects of technology, private security is no exception. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations has for many years been one of the top 10 security guard companies when it comes to using technology in more and more areas. One of the most innovative ways Ranger has accomplished this is through the unique Guard On Demand app. Aimed at clients who may not need security services 24/7, the app can be downloaded to a smartphone, then used to summon security services only when needed. In addition, it lets clients track in real-time the location and response of the responding guard, making it easy to know exactly what is happening at any given moment.

Testing and Background Checks

While many people may think it is easy to hire excellent security guards, the fact is much testing and checking of backgrounds goes into the process before making final selections. At Ranger, potential guards must pass an extensive array of tests before being hired. Some of the most important include aptitude tests, which gauge not only a person’s natural ability for the job, but also how they would exercise professional judgement in various situations. These tests, along with strict drug testing and background checks used to verify employment and education references, make Ranger an industry leader in providing clients with guards who can be counted on to get the job done in any assignment.

Customer Service

While it’s obviously important for a company’s guards to be well-trained and experienced, it’s also crucial to provide clients with the highest levels of customer service on each and every assignment. This starts from the moment a client contacts Ranger Guard and Investigations, since listening closely to a client’s needs and concerns is the only way to ensure excellent service can be provided. This commitment, along with making sure all guards show up on time for assignments sporting a professional appearance, is what made Ranger Guard and Investigations one of the top ten security guard companies in the state.

Striving for Excellence

Since clients will be entrusting private security companies with the safety and well-being of various people and property, striving for excellence should be a daily priority of any reputable private security guard company. To learn more about how Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist you, visit