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With more people concerned about their security in the workplace, at a festival or retail store, or even when visiting a hospital or other facility, the role of private security officers is much more important than in years past. With mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and other acts of violence always a possibility, companies and organizations are using contract security officers in far greater capacities. Because of this, business owners, property managers, event coordinators, and others are examining numerous private security companies to determine which one best suits their needs. If you find yourself in this position and wonder how the role of security officer will keep individuals and properties safe, turn to the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Should an Officer be Armed or Unarmed?

When attempting to define security officer roles and responsibilities, one of the first questions clients ask is whether guards assigned to their facility or event will be armed or unarmed. This can depend on a number of factors, including the type of facility to be guarded, how many people the guards will be responsible for during their shift, the threat level of the site, and many other factors. Since each assignment is unique, it is best to speak with security experts with years of knowledge and experience in these matters. Generally, armed guards are used at such sites as banks, museums, hospitals, and similar sites, while unarmed guards are most often used at office buildings, residential complexes, and other similar areas.

Are Officers Authorized to Use Force?

When discussing the use of force policy for security officers, this can be a very complex area. While private security officers do not have arrest powers like police officers, they are fully authorized to detain individuals until police can arrive at the scene. In doing so, security officers are expected to use what is known as a reasonable amount of force in these situations, meaning they should act as any reasonable person would under similar circumstances. To ensure this occurs, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in various defensive tactics, verbal deescalation techniques, criminal law, and other methods designed to keep all situations as safe as possible for everyone.

What are the Duties of Retail Security Officers?

As for retail security officer duties, these too can vary depending on the assignment. In most cases, these officers are assigned to stores where they will be responsible for loss prevention. In these roles, officers may be uniformed or work undercover on the sales floor. In addition, they may also be assigned to work in a store’s control room, where they will conduct video surveillance of the sales floor and other areas to ensure customers as well as employees are unable to commit theft or other crimes. But along with standard loss prevention duties, retail security officers also perform many other duties, such as patrolling parking lots, assisting customers who may have questions, and in medical emergencies performing basic first aid and CPR until paramedics arrive.

Are Officers Licensed and Certified?

If you are working with a reputable private security agency, all officers assigned to your facility or event will be licensed and certified. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and other state and federal agencies to make sure all officers are properly licensed and certified to perform their duties. In addition, we also perform in-depth criminal background checks on all officers, ensuring the officers assigned to clients are indeed the best professionals in the security industry.

Is Prior Experience Important?

As with any type of career, prior experience can be an asset. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we make prior experience a top priority when hiring new security officers. Because of this, most of our officers come to us with many years of service as police officers or military veterans. In doing so, they not only have years of related experience handling high-stress situations, but also have demonstrated the ability to use sound judgement when faced with dangerous situations.

Since there are numerous roles today’s private security officers play in helping to keep people and property safe, it is always best to discuss your specific security needs in great detail before making a final decision. If you would like to learn more about how Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide the security services you need, contact us at 713-357-8225 to schedule a consultation. Or if you prefer to do so online, visit www.rangerguard.net and fill out a contact form.