Texas Hospital Security


While hospitals are places where people go to receive medical treatment, they also require extensive security services. Besides being very large buildings, they contain numerous drugs that must be secured, and can have individuals on the grounds who may be upset or potentially violent. As a result, a hospital security management plan usually includes private security firms, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations. While many of the duties performed on these assignments are similar to those done at other workplaces, there are certain hospital security duties that are unique to this environment.

Access Control

At any hospital, access control can be one of the most important aspects of security. With visitors coming and going 24/7, private security officers play a crucial role in making sure those who are on the grounds are always safe. Therefore, security officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations receive extensive training in access control management. This can involve a number of duties, such as updating and maintaining current lists of patients, employees, vendors, and contractors, creating and issuing ID cards and visitor passes as necessary, and having a thorough knowledge of the buildings and grounds in order to give directions to visitors or to assist first responders in the event of an emergency.

Fire Drills and Evacuations

In hospital environments, being very familiar with emergency procedures is extremely important. In the event a fire or other event takes place, it may be necessary to ensure all employees, visitors, and patients can be evacuated in a safe and secure manner. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers who will be given these assignments on fire drill and evacuation procedures, which includes such areas as how to assist in evacuating handicapped and disabled individuals, perform multi-floor evacuations, and assist first responders with command center operations if needed.

Parking Garage Security

At many larger hospitals in metropolitan areas, parking garages are often part of the facility. While very convenient to employees and visitors, they are also areas where various crimes are known to occur. Whether it is a robbery, act of vandalism, or even a sexual assault, these areas must always have high levels of security day and night. Therefore, our private security officers at Ranger Guard and Investigations are trained in how to patrol these areas in the most efficient and effective fashion. To work in conjunction with video surveillance that is often used in parking garages, Ranger officers perform random foot and vehicle patrols. By doing so, they are never in the same area of the garage back-to-back, making it very difficult for would-be criminals to anticipate the best times to commit illegal acts.

Armed Guards

Due to the various health safety and security procedures in hospitality, it is often necessary for private security officers working in hospitals to be armed. Since it is not uncommon for police officers to bring wounded suspects in for treatment, or perhaps inmates from a jail or prison who have fallen ill, armed security is usually required to maintain the safety of everyone in the area. Along with these situations, circumstances can sometimes arise where family members may become very upset for a variety of reasons, such as upon the death of a loved one or in situations where domestic violence may be involved. Whatever the situation may be, having well-trained officers on duty can be a strong deterrent to those who may lash out at those around them.

Experienced Personnel

Since there are so many potentially serious situations that can arise involving hospital security, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a high premium on assigning officers to these facilities who have extensive security experience. As a result, most officers given these assignments by Ranger possess years of prior experience in law enforcement or military service. By having the training and backgrounds associated with these fields, clients can be sure the officers assigned to protect people and property have already demonstrated the ability to handle dangerous and stressful situations using good judgment and a calm, professional demeanor.

Due to the variety of hospital security jobs Houston residents want to make sure those in charge of their safety are the very best. When this is the case, Ranger Guard and Investigations is the agency to turn to for assistance. With our industry-wide reputation for excellence and professionalism, our officers can provide the highest levels of safety for patients, employees, and visitors. To discuss your security needs with us, call 713-357-8225 or fill out a contact form at www.rangerguard.net.