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Whether it is vandalism at an apartment complex, threats at an office or industrial building, or a need to keep a concert or festival safe for those who attend, the need for private security guards is at an all-time high. Because of this, those needing specialized security services want personnel who are well-trained, dependable, and able to handle situations in a calm, professional manner. While this may sound easy, most realize it is anything but easy. Therefore, when selecting the best security company to meet your needs, a number of factors must be taken into consideration.

Hiring Standards

For many private security companies, the standards used to hire armed and unarmed guards are often quite low, which usually leads to clients who are less-than-satisfied with the personnel they receive for their assignments. Rather than let this happen, Ranger Guard and Investigations has in place very high standards regarding hiring practices, which enables us to choose from a multitude of well-qualified applicants. In fact, the vast majority of applicants to Ranger enter the field of private security possessing years of experience in various aspects of law enforcement, corrections, and military service. By combining an applicant’s prior experience with Ranger’s aptitude tests, background checks, and drug testing, clients time after time have excellent security guards at their facilities.

Excellent Security Training

While good security companies train their officers in the basics of private security such as patrolling and communications, Ranger Guard and Investigations takes its training to entirely new levels. To ensure our guards will be able to handle situations no matter the type of assignment, we train all officers in not only patrolling and emergency communications, but also Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid and CPR, Surveillance, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, and Verbal Deescalation Techniques, which are aimed at keeping a verbal confrontation from becoming physical.

Mobile Patrols

For many residential properties, vandalism, break-ins, and assaults are some of the biggest problems individuals at these sites face. While police may be able to deal with these cases from time to time, they simply do not have the time and resources needed to provide constant patrols and surveillance. However, Ranger Guard and Investigations does, and using our mobile patrol services pays big dividends to clients. Based on data gathered from these assignments, dangerous and illegal activity drops by 15-20 percent once Ranger guards have been on duty for only a few weeks. While this results in increased safety for residents, it also tends to lead to lower insurance premiums, which is yet another reason why Ranger Guard and Investigations is considered one of the best home and property security companies in Texas.

Special Security Needs

While most private security assignments are for large gatherings or building complexes, more and more clients are requesting private security for individuals. When this is the case, the assignment presents a number of special security needs that must be met to guarantee a client’s safety at all times. To make this happen, Ranger guards given these assignments are not only trained in many of the basic classes mentioned earlier, but also in such areas as K-9 Security, Crowd Control, Bag Searches, Firearms, Defensive Driving, and Surveillance as it pertains to one-on-one security.

Utilizing Latest Technology

To give clients the best possible private security protection, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes full use of the latest technology. For example, by using specialized apps that officers can download to smartphones, they can not only take photos or videos of areas where they are patrolling, but also fill out and submit daily reports, incident reports, and stay in touch with clients and supervisors at all times. Thus, should an emergency occur, Ranger guards will be able to not only use their skills and abilities at the scene, but also receive instructions from supervisors and police, fire, and rescue personnel at the scene. By having this technology available to officers 24/7, it is yet another example of why Ranger Guard and Investigations is looked at as one of the best personal security companies in Houston.

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Whether a security assignment is large or small, it must nevertheless have the best possible security officers on scene at all times. To make sure this is the case, turn to the best security company Texas has to offer, Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you would like to schedule a consultation to learn more about our many services, visit our website at www.rangerguard.net to fill out a request form, or if you prefer call us at 713-357-8225.