Temporary Security Guards

For many businesses, organizations, and events, there may be a time when temporary security guards are needed. Whether it is a festival, a holiday sale at a store where large crowds are anticipated, or an office complex that has had problems with a disgruntled employee, private security guards can play a pivotal role in these situations. Due to the important role security plays in today’s world, it is important to make the right choice when selecting a security firm. If you are in need of temporary security officers, here are some important facts to keep in mind.

Armed or Unarmed Guards

Depending on the reason for needing private security guards, it will be crucial to know if armed or unarmed guards will be needed. Generally, in a special event or retail store environment, unarmed officers are often very effective. However, if a situation has arisen where the safety of others is a primary concern, such as a workplace incident involving a disgruntled employee, it may be necessary to have armed guards on the premises. To make sure the correct decision is made regarding this matter, always be very specific regarding your company’s details when speaking with Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Well-Trained Officers

When you need a part-time security guard for your company or organization, it will be vital to make sure the officers assigned to you have been trained in the latest security procedures designed to combat today’s most difficult situations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is a top priority. Along with many officers already having previous experience in military service and law enforcement, all security officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations undergo extensive training in a wide array of security procedures and techniques. Among these are classes in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Patrolling and Surveillance, First Aid/CPR, Crowd Control, and many other areas of security.

Licensed and Certified

Even when supplying a temporary security guard to a client, Ranger Guard and Investigations sends only officers who are properly licensed and certified to an assignment. Focusing on both state and federal licensing and certification requirements, we require all officers to pass a series of background checks, aptitude tests, drug tests, and other requirements prior to gaining licensing and certification. By paying attention to such details, we can make sure Ranger officers meet requirements that exceed most industry standards, as well as the standards of most other private security firms.

Professional Standards

When private security guards are given an assignment, they are expected to uphold the highest levels of professional standards. Here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, we accomplish this by emphasizing customer service, communication skills, and a professional appearance with all officers. Thus, any officer on an assignment will be on time each day, wear a clean and pressed police-style uniform, and use a variety of communication skills that will make them very approachable by all persons with whom they come in contact. Relying on communication training learned in Ranger’s exclusive Enforcement Through Reinforcement program, all officers are equipped with the verbal skills needed to not only convey instructions in a clear manner, but also deescalate verbal confrontations before they get out of control.

Patrols and Surveillance

In almost any type of environment requiring private security guards, patrols and surveillance play a key role in keeping people and property safe. Whether conducting surveillance from a control room where multiple cameras are scanned simultaneously, or using covert techniques to catch a suspected thief or other criminal, being well-trained in this area of security is of the utmost importance. And to make an area even safer, using a variety of unique patrol techniques can also greatly enhance safety in an area. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we train all officers in very unique patrolling techniques, aimed at making it impossible for their patrol times and routes to be discovered by anyone wishing to commit an illegal act. Rather than have our officers patrol areas at the same times during their shifts and on the same routes, they instead vary times and routes, and also vary where they patrol by vehicle and by foot. In doing so, no clear pattern is established, resulting in patrols that have been shown to reduce criminal activity up to 20 percent after only several weeks.

When in need of a short security guard for a temporary assignment, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To have your questions answered by industry professionals, call 713-357-8225 or fill out an online request form at www.rangerguard.net.