Site Security Guard in Texas


With stories in the news almost every day of a violent incident at a school, retail store, apartment complex, or other facility, security has become an important topic in the minds of many people. As a result, businesses and other organizations now utilize private security firms in an effort to keep employees, customers, and others as safe as possible. However, since there are so many private security firms from which to choose, it is important to know what’s involved in choosing a firm that can assign a well-qualified, experienced site security guard to protect your premises. If you have been looking at various security guard sites online, here is some important information as to why Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first choice for private security.

The Latest Training

With more and more violent acts being committed in today’s world, private security guards know they can face a variety of dangerous situations. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in a variety of areas, all of which play an important role in keeping people and property safe. From the latest anti-terrorism tactics and defensive tactics to patrol methods, K-9 security, and surveillance methods, Ranger officers begin every assignment with the skills needed to handle virtually any situation. And for officers who will be assigned duties in high-crime areas or in other situations where it may be necessary, firearms training is provided, ensuring the officer will have the skills and knowledge needed to use a weapon if necessary.

Patrol Services

When many types of properties have an on site security guard, one of the most important duties of that officer is to patrol the premises to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, employees, and other individuals. However, with many private security firms, these patrols are random at best, and often use the same routes at the same times each day and night. Thus, criminals and others can easily figure out when areas will be patrolled, allowing them to plan crimes more easily. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses a series of unique mobile patrol methods to deter criminals. Instead of patrolling in the same manner time after time, Ranger officers use a varied patrol approach. By using different routes at different times each day and night, it becomes impossible to know where officers will be patrolling. As a result, criminal activity decreases very quickly, often as much as 20-25 percent after only a few weeks.

Surveillance Methods

For office buildings, retail stores, industrial facilities, and other buildings, video surveillance is an important tool in keeping people and property safe. Thus, when using site guard security from Ranger Guard and Investigations, these facilities have officers assigned to them who have been trained in the latest high-tech surveillance methods. Whether monitoring multiple cameras from a central command center or using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to monitor areas while on patrol, Ranger officers are trained to provide surveillance that is second-to-none.

Special Event Security

In many situations, private security is now being used at various events, such as sporting events, festivals, and concerts. In these instances, site security guards are required to perform a variety of important duties. Some of the most common are crowd control, bag searches, K-9 security and patrols, and providing basic first aid and CPR if necessary. As a result, these officers receive additional training beyond our basic requirements, and are considered some of the most highly-skilled and experienced officers within our firm. Because it takes only one person who is not properly searched to create havoc and tragedy at an event, all on-site security officers on these assignments follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

Certified and Licensed

To ensure the highest levels of private security service to clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers pass the necessary tests to become properly licensed and certified according to state and federal requirements before beginning an assignment. In addition to this, they must also pass a battery of difficult aptitude tests, which will demonstrate not only their security knowledge, but also how they will use their judgement to handle various situations. Due to these high standards, our clients can be sure officers assigned to their sites will be some of the industry’s best.

If you are in need of a site security guard, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations to learn how we can help you. To do so, visit our security guard website at, or call 713-357-8225.