Security Services in Houston Area

In numerous areas within the United States, crime has become a much bigger concern in recent years. From shootings in the workplace, churches, and schools to assaults, vandalism, and other criminal acts, more people are feeling overwhelmed and frightened. However, while police officers offer some protection against criminals, they cannot be everywhere at once. Because of this, many property owners, business owners, and others are exploring the various ways private security companies can help maintain law and order. Whether it’s keeping audience members safe during a concert, allowing families to enjoy themselves at a festival, or letting employees feel safe during their workday, private security officers are now looked to for additional levels of safety. If you are in a situation requiring extra security, here are some facts to consider when choosing a security service closest to me.

Experienced Personnel

No matter what your situation entails, the last thing you want is to have security personnel on hand who lack experience and training needed to keep you and others safe. To keep this from occurring, when you contact security services to inquire about becoming a client, always ask how much experience their officers possess. In most reputable agencies, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, a great emphasis is placed on hiring individuals who have previous experience in law enforcement and military operations. In fact, Ranger Guard and Investigations works closely with numerous law enforcement agencies and veterans groups to contact those men and women who would like to continue putting their skills to good use. By doing so, they can utilize the many attributes these people possess, such as discipline, dedication, and commitment to ensuring the job always gets done.

State-of-the-Art Training

While some uninformed individuals may believe private security officers need little training to do their jobs, the fact is today’s private security officer is trained almost as well as any police officer in the nation. For example, depending upon the assignment they will have, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains its officers in such areas as Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, Patrol Techniques, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid/CPR, K-9 Security, and other important areas. By having a diverse training background, officers can draw on their training when faced with many different types of situations, knowing this will mean the difference between maintaining control of the crisis or letting it unfold into a disaster.

Special Security Situations

In addition to having training in many basic areas of security, many of today’s best private security officers also possess specialized training. For example, if you are an event organizer and are planning a large concert where thousands of fans will be in attendance, you’ll need officers who have very specialized skills. Therefore, when contacting the security service near me for information, always inquire as to the types of specialized training officers possess. If they have only basic security training, look elsewhere. For best results, make sure the nearest security service trains its officers in crowd control, bag searches, access control, emergency communications, and more. After all, since it would take failing to search only one bag to turn a fun event into a catastrophe, guards assigned to these events must be the best of the best.


While most private security firms offer limited services, others such as Ranger Guard and Investigations offer clients private investigative services as well. Becoming more in demand today by both businesses and individuals, these services serve a number of important functions. Some of the most common include helping employers determine if an employee is stealing merchandise or even embezzling funds, or working with a spouse who is worried about their partner having an extramarital affair. No matter the situation, having a well-trained and experienced private security investigator working the case can allow people and companies to get the answers to very tough questions. Knowing it is always difficult to admit a person who has been trusted for years may be violating that trust, Ranger Guard and Investigations sits down with clients seeking investigative services to discuss their situation in great detail. By doing so, clients will be able to have realistic expectations of what may happen, enabling them to make an informed decision.

Learn More about Private Security

If you are ready to learn more about getting the security personnel needed for your situation, don’t hesitate to get the total security services address of Ranger Guard and Investigations. When you do, you’ll gain peace of mind, as well as working with experienced and knowledgeable private security professionals.