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Private security guards carry out a range of tasks in different Texan cities. These may include performing foot and vehicle patrols at healthcare facilities, conducting surveillance for a retail loss prevention programs, or managing crowd and access control at festivals and other events. In recent years, the role of private security guards has become increasingly important. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right private security agency when hiring a Texas security guard. To ensure that you select the most competent security professionals in the industry, seek the assistance of Ranger Guard and Investigations’ experienced and knowledgeable experts.

Meeting the Needs of Clients

To cater to the diverse private security services across Texas,, a contemporary security agency must offer a wide range of services. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we leverage our extensive experience to equip our officers with the latest and most advanced security tactics. Given the growing risks posed by active shooters and terrorists at businesses, special events, and different facilities, we ensure that all our officers receive training in Defensive Tactics, Patrolling and Surveillance, First Aid, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, and Criminal Law. We offer training in K-9 Security, Crowd Control, Bag Searches, VIP Protection, and Firearms to our officers who will be handling assignments that require specialized security measures due to the high demand from our clients.

Industry Compliance

To ensure adherence to the numerous security guard laws, it is important to choose a private security agency that fully complies with state and federal regulations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we prioritize meeting the most stringent licensing and certification requirements in the industry for our agency and officers. Our collaboration with federal agencies and the Texas Department of Public Safety guarantees that all necessary licenses and certifications are continuously maintained. It is crucial for both the security agency and clients to ensure that on-site guards are licensed and certified, as any questionable actions by an unlicensed or non-certified guard could result in potential liability issues.

Investigative Services

Although some clients may assume that private security guards are limited to performing basic duties like building patrols and access control, many are actually licensed as private investigators. As a result, they can handle a range of cases for clients, including suspected cases of theft, embezzlement, vandalism, and related situations. To ensure that our guards are up-to-date on the latest investigative techniques, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers training in areas such as computer forensics, surveillance, and database searches. As a result, when Austin clients need both security and investigative services, they can rely on the experienced professionals at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Immediate Results

Clients in Dallas seek to witness improved outcomes as soon as possible when enlisting the Services of Security Guards ind Dallas. Whether it pertains to minimizing or eradicating vandalism, apprehending shoplifters or employees who are stealing merchandise from a store, or other situations clients encounter on a daily basis, Ranger security officers can often deliver immediate results due to their advanced training. In numerous instances, clients may observe a reduction in illicit activity by up to 20 percent in just a few weeks. This has many favorable effects. In addition to reduced expenses linked with property repairs, clients also experience a substantial decrease in their insurance premiums, making their investment in the private security services of Ranger Guard Security highly valuable.

Unique Security Methods

Although private security firms typically employ similar methods to serve their clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations stands out by utilizing a distinct approach. For instance, patrolling and surveillance are fundamental components of any private security program. However, unlike other agencies that assign officers to patrol the same routes at fixed times, Ranger officers adopt a unique strategy that involves constantly changing both patrol routes and schedules. This approach ensures that no one can predict when or where officers will be patrolling, thereby enhancing overall security.

When in need of a security guard San Antonio property owners, businesses, and event organizers look to Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep people and property safe. To discuss your security needs with knowledgeable security professionals, call Ranger at 713-357-8225 or visit