Security Guard Staff in Texas


In any private security agency, a variety of people make up the staff of guards. From entry-level employees beginning their security careers to officers who have retired from law enforcement or military service and are seeking new ways to use their skills and experience, diversity is a big part of today’s modern security agencies. Because of this, today’s professional security guard comes from many walks of life. Thus, when combining prior experience, training, aptitude, and other factors, clients who need private security guards will likely have officers who are trained better today than at any time in the industry’s history. To learn more about what goes into creating a top staff of security guards, here are some of the most important aspects to look for when choosing a security agency for your business, event, or facility.

Licensing and Certifications

When choosing a private security agency, always make sure it has the necessary licensing and certifications from the proper state and federal agencies. By doing so, you will know any security officer assigned to your event or facility is in fact a certified security guard. To gain the licensing and certifications needed to perform their jobs, private security guards must pass a variety of tests, background checks, and complete training in basic and specialized security procedures. Some of the most common training areas officers must complete before starting an assignment include Patrol and Surveillance Techniques, Criminal Law, First Aid/CPR, Defensive Tactics, and Crowd Control/Bag Searches.

Special Security Situations

As any private security expert can attest, no two assignments are ever alike. Because of this, some situations call for innovation and good judgement. For example, in private security situations involving a VIP, there may be times where a female client may make a special request, such as having a female security guard to protect them during the course of their travels. Or in some cases where a company wants to conduct an investigation into employee theft or embezzlement, they may request undercover security guards in an effort to make sure the investigation maintains a very low profile. Whatever the case may be, clients who make these special requests not only expect to have their needs met, but also have security guards who are able to demonstrate sound judgement, a professional demeanor, and the skills needed to protect them during the most dangerous circumstances.

Years of Experience

While a private security guard needs to possess the latest training in security methods and situations, many also have large amounts of experience as police officers or military veterans in combat situations. From police officers who may have served as SWAT members to military veterans who saw recent combat duty in various parts of the world, this experience can prove invaluable when combined with today’s modern security skills. By possessing experience in these areas, these guards have already been tested in high-pressure and dangerous situations, giving them a unique perspective few others will have on an assignment. Since this experience can perhaps mean the difference between life and death, veterans of military and police service are actively recruited for private security positions, making this field a very attractive career option.

Additional Services

Along with providing many basic private security services, agencies today also provide clients with additional specialized services. One of the most in-demand services currently sought by clients is investigative services, which can be conducted on a large or small-scale as needed. From investigating possible embezzlement to threats made against a company or individual, private security officers on these assignments are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable guards in the industry. Using skills such as computer forensics, these guards can access information hidden in mobile devices and computers, which often results in discovering answers to difficult questions. When these officers are requested for assignments, clients will know they will have investigative personnel on their case who are skilled in many of today’s most innovative and effective investigative techniques.

Request a Consultation

Whether needing security staff for a special event, to escort business executives or celebrities, or conduct investigations on various matters, choosing the right private security agency with which to partner can make all the difference. Thus, when making your selection, always be ready to ask many questions pertaining to your situation. First and foremost, always ensure the agency you work with not only has the experience needed to help you, but places a high value on customer service. To learn more about First Guard Security, call 713-357-8225 to request a consultation.