Security Guard Monitoring System


When it comes to managing a private security firm, many details must be dealt with on a daily basis. Whether it is timekeeping, scheduling guards, planning training sessions, or ensuring guards are performing their assigned duties during their shift, these and other tasks must be managed in an efficient and responsible manner to give clients the peace of mind they deserve. Thus, as technology has become more widespread in the private security industry, Ranger Guard and Investigations has found using a security guard monitoring system offers a number of advantages.

Accountability of Guards

When private security guards are assigned to a facility, it is assumed they will carry out their duties as expected. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. To ensure this does not happen, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses a sophisticated monitoring system to increase guard accountability. Using a combination of electronic checkpoints, GPS tracking, and automatic timekeeping, this system lets supervisory personnel know guards are showing up on time for their shifts, patrolling when and where they are expected, completing daily and incident reports, and other duties as assigned. In addition, the system can also send alerts to supervisors if a guard fails to show up for an assignment or does not check in when required to do so.

Real-Time Reporting

Another benefit of security guard monitoring is the ability to have real-time reporting capabilities during a shift. With this feature, when an incident needs to be reported, the guard does not have to wait until the end of their shift or try to reach their supervisor by phone. Instead, photos and videos of the incident can be taken and quickly uploaded to a client-access website. Once done, security supervisors and clients can assess the situation using real-time data, allowing them to give guards instructions on how to proceed. In addition, guards can use this feature to notify supervisors and clients of potential problems, thus making sure situations are resolved before becoming dangerous.

Additional Safety for Guards and Clients

By using a monitoring system that has tracking and real-time reporting features, Ranger Guard and Investigations can offer guards and clients an additional layer of safety and protection. This can be especially useful during night shifts, when guards are often patrolling areas after most people have left for the day. By having a system that can send push notifications should an officer fail to check in on time, supervisors can go to the scene themselves or send additional security personnel to assess the situation. Along with this, by having a system that can upload photos and videos to mobile devices, law enforcement can use the real-time data to apprehend thieves or others who have committed criminal acts.

Remote Management

Since Ranger Guard and Investigations has officers assigned to multiple sites 24/7, taking care of many tasks associated with daily operations can be a huge challenge. Whether it is scheduling shifts, sending reports to clients, or other tasks, these and other tasks can be very time-consuming for supervisors and office personnel. To make these tasks easier, a security guard surveillance system can improve daily workflow within an office, helping to streamline many tasks. For example, by being able to track guards during their shifts and have much easier access to communicating with them, problems such as scheduling errors and miscommunication can be avoided. In doing so, clients can be assured of being given reliable and dependable service at all times.

Company Decision-Making Process

At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we are always striving to find ways to improve our service to clients. Because of this, we work hard to identify not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses. By using a remote monitoring system, we can generate and examine large amounts of data as to the effectiveness of our guards and services. By doing so, we can identify guards who perform at exceptional levels, as well as others who may need additional training or perhaps need to be relieved of their duties. Whatever the case may be, by identifying strengths and weaknesses within our company, it becomes much easier to plan training sessions, streamline various operations, and provide more accurate and reliable information to our clients.

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