Security Guard Companies


When a business, organization, or perhaps even a private individual such as a celebrity or executive decides on the need for private security services, there are many factors to consider. Depending on the type of security services needed, it will be important to work with a company that has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver these services in an effective manner. Whether this may involve providing security in a retail store, at a large venue such as a concert, on the grounds of an apartment complex or industrial facility, or even one-on-one as a personal bodyguard, choosing the right security guard agency with which to entrust the safety of others is complex. To ensure the best choice is made, here are some reasons why many clients select Ranger Guard and Investigations for their security needs.

Multiple Types of Services

While almost all security guard companies offer a variety of services, that does not mean the one selected will offer the specific type you need, or will provide officers trained in the areas necessary to provide maximum protection. To make sure you select the best agency for your security needs, always have an in-depth consultation with security personnel from the company prior to making a final decision. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our agency offers multiple types of security services, from armed and unarmed guards to special events, workplace, and personal protection security.

Training in Key Areas

Along with making sure the agency selected offers the services you need, it is also important to make sure the officers assigned to you have the necessary training and experience needed to handle the situations they will encounter. Since today’s private security officers may encounter such situations as terrorist attacks, workplace violence, and random acts of violence at public events, always make sure officers you will be entrusting with your safety are trained in such areas as first aid/CPR, emergency communications and coordination, defensive tactics, anti-terrorism tactics, surveillance, and other areas, as they are at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Prior Security Experience

While many people enter the field of private security possessing little if any experience, there is still no substitute for experience in certain situations. Because of this, always try to make sure officers assigned to your security detail will come to the job with as much previous security experience as possible. This is a top priority here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, which is a main reason why we are considered one of the top security guard companies in the industry. In fact, we actively recruit new officers to our agency who are retired law enforcement officers or military veterans. By using this approach, we can ensure our officers have already demonstrated an ability to deal with potentially life-threatening situations in ways where good judgement was always used.

Utilizing the Latest Technology

In many private security situations, using the latest technology can make a tremendous difference in apprehending suspected shoplifters and thieves, verifying certain areas that have been patrolled, and keeping in touch with supervisors and clients through the use of real-time reporting. As technology has evolved within the field of private security over the past decade, more and more uses have been found for it that have led to increased levels of safety for individuals and properties. For example, since most security systems now utilize wireless networks, guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while on patrol, allowing them to take pictures and videos of areas they are patrolling. Along with this, they can then upload this data, along with incident reports, to client-access websites, allowing clients and security supervisors to have instant access to real-time data.

Innovative Security Techniques

When choosing a security guard office to provide high levels of protection to yourself, employees, customers, or others, it is vital the agency be one that uses the most innovative security techniques available today. To ensure we at Ranger Guard and Investigations are always doing this and much more, all officers given assignments involving patrols are trained in how to use random patrol techniques to keep criminals and others off-balance. By constantly using different routes for foot and vehicle patrols, as well as conducting patrols at various times, it becomes impossible for any patterns to be detected, leading to greater overall safety.

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