Security Guard Companies in Texas


From guarding local festivals to corporate offices, private security guards have played a key role in keeping others safe for decades. However, as today’s world becomes more and more uncertain due to acts of random violence, private security companies have taken on an even more important role with businesses, property owners, event organizers, and others. As a result, private security firms are busier than ever, and are expected to offer a wider variety of services for their clients. If you are in need of additional security services, here are some things to look for when evaluating security guard companies in Texas.

Certification and Licensing

Since private security officers may ultimately mean the difference between life and death, it’s crucial to have guards on duty who are certified and licensed in the latest security procedures. Therefore, when considering security guard companies in San Antonio, always ask to see proof the agency has the proper credentials from local, state, and federal authorities. In doing so, you will be sure the guards assigned to your business, property, or event are able to discharge their duties in a professional manner.

The Latest Training

Along with the proper certifications and licensing, when it comes to security guard companies Dallas TX residents should also verify all officers have received the latest training in various types of security procedures. While most companies have various types of training they provide officers, there are some areas that have proven to be critical to meet the needs of today’s modern security situations. For example, with terrorist attacks becoming more common in areas where they never seemed possible only a few years ago, officers are now trained in Anti-Terrorism Tactics. In addition to this, the best security guard companies in Fort Worth TX also provide their officers with training in First Aid and CPR, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Communications, Verbal Deescalation Techniques, and Criminal Law. By doing so, they help ensure their officers will be ready for any situation they encounter.

High Standards

To ensure a client is pleased with the job a private security company is doing on an assignment, it’s crucial to work with an agency that maintains the highest of standards when it comes to customer service as well as hiring the best people for the job. To accomplish this, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses a variety of hiring techniques to make sure all individuals adhere to high levels of integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence. These include having applicants successfully pass numerous aptitude tests, extensive background checks, and drug testing that is some of the most strict in the private security industry.

Prior Experience

While many excellent private security guards enter the field with little or no experience, those who have backgrounds in related fields often adapt to the work environments and the demands of the job faster than others. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes it a top priority to hire applicants who possess previous experience in law enforcement, military service, government operations, and other similar fields. By being able to combine their previous experience with today’s advanced security training, Ranger officers are able to adapt to any assignment in a calm, professional, and well-prepared manner.

Specialized Security Training

Along with being trained in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics and First Aid, most of today’s best security personnel are also trained in many specialty areas. For example, if security personnel will be covering a large-scale event such as a football game or concert, they should be thoroughly trained in all aspects of crowd control, bag searches, and even K-9 patrols and security. Or if they will be assigned to provide security for business executives, celebrities, or other VIPs, they should be trained in close-protection techniques, firearms, and advanced first aid techniques. By possessing these types of training, private security officers will be able to quickly sense trouble, and thus put their training into use protecting those around them.

Contact Ranger Guard and Investigations

When looking at security guard companies Austin TX residents should always take these and many other factors into serious consideration before making their final decision. To ensure your property, business, or event is made as safe as possible, choose a private security firm with decades of experience, as well as an excellent reputation within the industry. To learn how Ranger Guard and Investigations fits these and many other criteria, visit or call 713-357-8225. By doing so, you’ll take the first step to getting the high-level security services needed for your situation.