Security Guard Certification


As security becomes a topic on many people’s minds, companies, schools, residential complexes, and special events such as concerts and festivals are hiring private security guards to keep people and property safe from harm. However, with numerous private security firms from which to choose, knowing how to make the correct decision can be difficult. To make the decision a bit easier, one should always verify that any security firm with which they will do business only uses guards who are properly certified and licensed. By having a certified security guard on duty, a client will know the individual has passed the required tests and background checks, and also possesses training in a number of areas crucial to providing a high level of security. If you are preparing to hire a private security firm, here are some additional aspects pertaining to security guard certification.

Strict Hiring and Screening Process

When dealing with a reputable private security company, clients will know the guards who will be responsible for their safety have passed strict hiring and screening procedures. For example, to become a certified security guard at Ranger Guard and Investigations, an applicant must pass a variety of aptitude tests, all of which are aimed at ensuring the individual has not only the proper security knowledge and skills, but also has sound judgement and the mindset necessary to perform well under stressful situations. Once the aptitude tests are over, an applicant must then pass a background check of previous employment, education, military service, and other areas, and pass a drug test that is among the most thorough in today’s private security industry. Only after each of these steps is completed, and the person has been deemed to have passed all tests, are they granted certification and licensing by Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Advanced Training

Along with beginning their assignments only after completing a strict hiring and screening process, private security guards should also receive training in a wide variety of areas. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, many of today’s most important security topics are included on a security guard certifications list. Among the most pertinent are Anti-Terrorism training, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Emergency Communications, K-9 Security, Patrol Techniques, and Special Events Security. Since a private security officer today could face any number of challenging situations while on an assignment, it’s crucial they possess training in as many of these areas as possible. Thus, Ranger Guard and Investigations believes all its officers should pass these training areas prior to being granted the necessary certification and licensing.

High-Level Certification and Licensing

In addition to being granted basic certification and licensing after passing certain tests and training courses, private security officers also have the opportunity to earn additional levels of certification and licensing. Two of the areas where this is possible are Firearms and Weapons Certification, and also Close Protection Security. For any private security officer who will be performing their duties while in possession of a firearm or related weapon, Firearms and Weapons Certification is a must. In addition to this level of certification, some officers choose to pursue certification and licensing in Close Protection Security. In this area of security, an officer will be trained to be a bodyguard for business executives, celebrities, or other VIP clients, and therefore must possess very specific knowledge of security procedures in this area. This can include Crowd Control, Bag Searches, Surveillance Methods, Advanced First Aid Procedures, Emergency Event Procedures, and other areas aimed at keeping VIPs safe and secure.

Related Experience

In some cases when wanting to become a certified security guard officer, one can use related experience in law enforcement or military service to help reach their goals. Since much of this training mirrors that given by Ranger Guard and Investigations, those applicants who have received and successfully passed training given by police departments and the military can often use that as a fast track to certification and licensing. This is particularly true when discussing weapons and firearms training, anti-terrorism training, and advanced first aid procedures.

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Whatever state they are a state-certified security guard in, those individuals employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations always begin their assignments armed with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to deal with virtually any type of situation. If you are interested in becoming a certified security guard or are a client in need of private security service, contact us today to discuss your needs.