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San Antonio Security Services Texas

At some point in time, businesses, organizations, and even individuals need the services of a private security agency. Whether it is a company suspecting employees of embezzlement, a spouse who wants answers regarding a possible extramarital affair, or a property manager who needs private security at an apartment complex to reduce vandalism, a private security firm can provide these and many other services. If you are located in San Antonio or the surrounding area and are in need of these or other related services, here are some important details regarding your selection of a San Antonio TX security service.

Patrolling and Monitoring

In many situations where private security officers are used, patrolling and monitoring are some of the duties involved. This can include conducting foot and vehicle patrols of parking lots, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, and other areas to ensure vandalism and other crimes are not taking place. Along with this, various types of surveillance and monitoring may also take place at businesses or facilities. From using private security officers to conduct loss prevention monitoring to apprehend shoplifters or employees who may be stealing, or perhaps hiring officers to operate a video surveillance control room where they can monitor an entire building or facility simultaneously, a San Antonio security monitoring service can play a key role in keeping employees and properties much safer.

Special Investigations

Along with performing numerous private security duties, Ranger Guard and Investigations also offers clients the opportunity to hire seasoned and knowledgeable private investigators for a variety of situations. While many clients may initially believe San Antonio private investigator cost may be too high for their budgets, the fact is Ranger Guard and Investigations charges very reasonable fees for private investigative services. In addition, all investigators employed by Ranger are properly licensed and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and are fully capable of conducting investigations for individuals and companies in a discreet, professional manner. And since many of our investigators have previous experience as police officers, military intelligence officers, or other related careers, they are skilled in the latest investigative techniques such as computer forensics, advanced database searches, and undercover surveillance.

Event Security

When hiring San Antonio investigations and security services provided by Ranger Guard and Investigations, many organizations use our services for special events security. From concerts featuring high-profile celebrities to professional sporting events and large-scale city festivals, these events involve many situations that require unique skills from private security officers. Some of the most important skills include crowd control and bag searches, which are crucial to keeping these events safe. As a result, all officers assigned to special event security receive extensive training in crowd control techniques, bag searches, verbal deescalation techniques, and K-9 security if needed. Because today’s world is so volatile, failure to search just one bag properly at an event can lead to a senseless tragedy. Rather than let this happen, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure clients who hire us for San Antonio investigations & security have officers assigned to them who are well-trained and capable of handling the most complex situations.

Unique Training Methods and Techniques

Since today’s private security officers face many different challenges on the job, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure all officers receive training in many unique methods of patrolling, surveillance, investigations, and other areas of security. Some of the most innovative methods and techniques involve our mobile patrols, which have proven to be very effective for numerous businesses and facilities. To make these patrols and surveillance methods as effective as possible, Ranger trains officers to conduct patrols using different routes and times. By doing so, it becomes impossible for employees, customers, residents, or especially criminals to determine when and where officers will be at any given time, guaranteeing people and property will be guarded in a much safer manner.

Intense Screening Process

To ensure our clients get the best security personnel possible, Ranger Guard and Investigations relies on an intense screening process to hire only the best officers and investigators. Along with in-depth background checks that thoroughly check each applicant’s education, employment, and personal references, Ranger also uses a battery of aptitude tests to test an applicant’s ability to use good judgement on the job. Finally, all applicants must also pass strict drug tests, ensuring clients will have officers who are thinking clearly and able to properly discharge their duties. To learn more about Ranger and request a consultation, fill out a contact form at www.rangerguard.net or call 713-357-8225.