Residential Security In Houston Area

When it comes to residential security, there are many issues owners of the property as well as those living there may face. In many cases, this can involve those who commit various acts of vandalism, such as damaging homes or vehicles. In other cases, trespassers may choose to make their presence known on a property, making residents feel uncomfortable and even threatened. If allowed to persist, most of these situations evolve into even more disturbing situations, often involving the selling of narcotics and other criminal acts. When these situations develop, property owners not only face a dilemma of keeping their residents feeling safe, but also start to see their insurance rates rise due to the increase in crime. To combat criminals and others, more and more property owners now rely on the expertise of private security agencies in Houston that have officers trained in residential security monitoring. By using various techniques such as mobile patrols, high-tech surveillance, and other security procedures, many property owners see insurance rates drop by as much as 20 percent with several weeks. If you need a residential security consultant to help assess your needs, turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Mobile Patrols

As most law enforcement personnel know, one of the best ways to deter criminals is to have a visible presence in areas where the crime rate has increased. When Ranger Guard and Investigations provides residential security services in Houston area for a client, one of the major services provided is officers using clearly-marked vehicles for mobile patrolling. However, to ensure an even higher level of security, Ranger guards never patrol the same way twice. By using random checks of areas with no easily ascertained pattern, those looking to commit vandalism or other crimes are unable to determine when an area may not be monitored. In using this strategy, guards are able to keep criminals off balance, while keeping residents and visitors safer.

Access Control

In many residential complexes, it’s important to ensure those who enter the premises are either residents, visitors known by residents, or others who have pertinent business at the property. To make this happen, many properties now employ private security officers at front gates or other areas to verify who enters or exits a property. This has become a much more important aspect of residential security in recent years, as more and more acts of violence involving guns or other weapons have occurred. In some situations where violence or other crimes have become a major issue, some properties utilize K-9 security in Houston as an added measure of safety. By doing so, officers trained in this aspect of security can be a great deterrent to anyone who may be considering inflicting harm.

Communication Skills

When officers are assigned to a residential site, they will often meet and interact with people from all walks of life each day. Because of this, it’s important they be able to have the communication skills necessary to accomplish this in a professional and courteous manner. To ensure this happens, all guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations receive training in customer service skills, as well as other types of communication skills. This can include proper telephone etiquette, and especially how to use verbal techniques to keep difficult situations from escalating out of control. This can often occur in trespassing cases, where a person is asked to leave but initially refuses. By using certain techniques learned in Ranger’s exclusive “Enforcement Through Reinforcement” program, officers learn to remain calm and logical when facing upset individuals. As a result, most situations can be resolved without further incident, or the need to contact police officers.

Professional Appearance

Since officers providing residential security to apartment complexes or other properties are so visible, they must be able to project a very professional appearance at all times. This includes clean uniforms, shined shoes, and appropriate haircuts and hygiene. For residential clients, it’s important to remember that even though the officers are not their employees, because they are providing residential security jobs at their property, residents and visitors will automatically judge the property by their interactions with officers. Therefore, always consider this when choosing a private security agency.

Go With the Best

When the time comes for residential security Houston property owners often turn to the experienced and knowledgeable security experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. From providing skilled officers with previous law enforcement and military training to those who can project an air of confidence and professionalism, Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first choice in residential security.