Protection Security Services


With today’s world feeling as if there is one threat after another coming your way, security has become a much bigger concern. Whether you are a business executive in need of personal protection, a VIP needing highly-skilled security guards who can handle a variety of dangerous situations, or other individual who needs security and protection services, it’s important to choose a private security firm that places a premium on hiring and training the most qualified candidates available today. For many clients today, Ranger Guard and Investigations is the firm chosen to provide security protection services for a variety of people and situations. To learn about the benefits of hiring Ranger Guard and Investigations for your security needs, here are some important details to consider.


When providing protective security services to executives, VIPs, and others, it’s crucial to be trained to handle virtually anything. Realizing this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes it a top priority to give its guards training in some of today’s most important areas of concern. These include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Defensive Tactics, Firearms Usage, Criminal Law, Patrol Techniques, and other vital skills that may mean the difference between life and death. In addition to this training, all officers are also trained in how to coordinate emergency efforts with first responders, which can include establishing communication networks, staging areas, and other tasks that will be needed in these situations.

Previous Experience

While all Ranger private security guards are trained in numerous areas, combining that training with previous experience can be invaluable in many ways. To begin with, if officers have encountered similar situations in the past, they will have an idea of what needs to be done, enabling them to respond quicker than perhaps others who are facing a situation for the first time. Because of this, when it comes to seeking candidates for security and protective services jobs, Ranger Guard and Investigations actively recruits those who have previous experience in law enforcement, military operations, government intelligence, and other areas. By employing security personnel with these backgrounds, clients can have peace of mind, knowing those in charge of protecting them have proven time and again their ability to face dangerous situations in a calm, professional manner.

Certifications and Licensing

Within the private security industry, it’s important for agencies and their officers to have various levels of certification and licensing. To accomplish this, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a premium on ensuring all personnel are fully certified and licensed before beginning any assignment. This is done by having all officers pass a variety of aptitude tests, extensive background checks, and multi-tiered drug tests that are viewed as the strictest in the private security industry. Once an applicant has passed these tests and checks, they are also given specialized training if necessary for additional licensing, such as firearms training. By making sure all officers are certified and licensed prior to starting an assignment, Ranger Guard and Investigations can give clients peace of mind.

Special Services

When providing executive protection security services, officers will be exposed to many different types of environments. Because of this, they sometimes need even more advanced types of training. For example, when guarding a VIP who will be exposed to large crowds, private security guards will need to have the skills needed for crowd control, access management, and other areas of security. To make sure Ranger guards have these skills, training is provided in these areas, as well as K-9 patrols and security. Since the most seasoned security professionals know it takes a lapse of only a few seconds for disasters to occur, Ranger Guard and Investigations not only trains its officers in the proper security procedures, but also in how to approach the job from a mental and psychological standpoint.

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Since executives, VIPs, and others demand and expect the highest levels of security be given to them and those around them, they only hire the best guards for these assignments. Ranger Guard and Investigations realizes this, which is why our training methods and hiring processes are so strict. Whether it’s a former Navy SEAL, police officer, or other individual who has prior security experience, all Ranger personnel receive the best possible training before being entrusted with the security of our clients. If you are in need of specialized protection security services, let us at Ranger Guard and Investigations help keep you safe. By doing so, you’ll quickly realize you could not be in better hands.