Top Reasons to Hire a Private Security Company in Houston

When you walk out your door each day to go to work, school, church, or a local store, you may feel as if you are stepping into a modern-day war zone. Unfortunately, the senseless acts of violence that have taken place in recent years have made individuals and businesses much more aware of just how important private security companies can be in keeping people and places safe. However, many people still are not aware of the many benefits that can be gained from hiring a personal security company such as Ranger Guard. If you are wanting to gain peace of mind and know you have highly-trained officers ready to handle the most serious of situations, here are some top reasons to hire a private security company.

Reasonable Costs

If you have hesitated in hiring Houston private security because you thought the prices would be beyond your budget, think again. In fact, private security prices are actually very affordable here in Houston, and we at Ranger Guard are always willing to work with clients to meet them where they are financially. By offering a variety of services that can be customized to a client’s specific needs, you can get the private security guards you need whether you have only $1,000 to spend per month or as much as $10,000 monthly.

The Latest Training

Since the world around us is changing in ways that may not make it as safe as in years past, private security officers must be trained and capable of handling many different types of situations. Whether it is a disgruntled employee trying to gain access to an office building, a person who may be in need of medical assistance, or perhaps evacuating people from a building when a fire breaks out, these and other situations require individuals who can use good judgement, make quick decisions, and have the necessary training. When you are considering various private security companies in Texas, always make sure you look to those such as Ranger Guard that place a high emphasis on training. For example, Ranger Guard officers receive training in such areas as Surveillance and Patrolling, Defensive Tactics, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid/CPR, and much more.

Unique Security Situations

In Houston and the surrounding area, there are many types of unique security situations that require officers who are experienced in many different facets of protecting people and property. These can range from conducting crowd control and bag searches at football games or concerts, acting as armed guards as they transport large amounts of money from various locations, or even acting as bodyguards for business executives or celebrities who may be in the area for business or pleasure. Whatever the case may be, it only takes a split-second for disaster to occur. Therefore, you should only choose a private security company that also focuses on these areas of security as well, such as Ranger Guard. By using officers who come to Ranger with backgrounds in police work or military service, we can make virtually any situation much safer and secure.

Relying on the Element of Surprise

If there is one thing criminals and others don’t like, it is being surprised just as they are about to commit their illegal act. However, that is exactly the goal of Ranger Guard officers when they are conducting patrols and surveillance. To make sure properties and people stay safe from vandalism, sexual assaults, drug activity, and so forth, Ranger private security guards conduct patrols and surveillance randomly rather than at the same times during their shifts. In doing so, it is difficult if not impossible for anyone to anticipate where they may be at any given time. As a result, employees are less likely to steal, vandals will look elsewhere, and other criminals will decide they want an easier target and move on.

Standards and Certification

When you are in the process of selecting private security companies near you, always make sure those you have under serious consideration follow private security rules and regulations as mandated by state and federal law. For example, Ranger Guard partners with the Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure all officers meet state and federal licensing and certification requirements. In addition, it is usually best to work with a company that uses a variety of methods to ensure it hires only the most-qualified and professional individuals. Here at Ranger Guard, we do this by not only using enhanced background checks on all applicants, but also relying on multi-tier drug tests and various security-related aptitude tests to judge how people will react in various situations.

The Services You Need

No matter what type of situation you have and the private security needs that follow, it is crucial you rely on a Houston private security company that is always looking for ways to expand the services it can offer to clients. For us here at Ranger Guard, we have decided to recently add K9 services to our array of options for clients. For those who take advantage of this service, they will get a highly-skilled and fully-trained K9 private security officer and handler, both of whom can react to and gain control of any situation they encounter. Whether you believe this would be an excellent option for patrolling an apartment complex, industrial facility, office complex, or perhaps for use at a special event to ensure greater levels of crowd control, always make sure you thoroughly discuss your security needs during your consultation.

While you may feel as if you are giving in to fear upon hiring a Houston private security company such as Ranger Guard, you are in fact doing the opposite. Instead, you are being proactive and not waiting until disaster strikes yourself and others. If you want additional information about private security prices and what types of services may benefit you the most, contact us here at Ranger Guard. To do so, you can go to and fill out an online contact form, or you can call us at 512-729-7110.