Private Security Firms in Texas

In workplaces, schools, and other facilities and events across Texas, security has become an increasing concern. With workplace and school violence occurring on a regular basis across the country, private security officers are now playing a larger role in keeping people and property safe. However, while many companies may realize they need additional security services, choosing private security contractors involves taking numerous factors into consideration.

Variety of Services

When deciding which private security organizations to consider for your situation, always make sure they offer a variety of services. For many workplaces and facilities, this can mean having armed or unarmed guards, various types of foot and vehicle patrols, video surveillance capabilities, and other skills such as first aid and crowd control. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all officers are trained in numerous areas such as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Criminal Law, Patrol Methods, Surveillance, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Communications, and First Aid/CPR. By possessing this training, officers will be fully prepared for their assignments, giving clients peace of mind.

Experienced Personnel

For many companies in the private security industry, experience is not a major concern when hiring new security personnel. As a result, their clients often get officers who are poorly trained to handle their assignments. Not only does this reflect poorly on the security firm, but it can also place people and property at risk. However, for clients of Ranger Guard and Investigations, they can be sure the vast majority of officers have significant prior experience in related fields. In fact, most officers have many years of successful service in law enforcement or military operations, including combat and intelligence assignments. By hiring officers who have already demonstrated the ability to handle potentially serious situations in a professional manner, clients can be assured their employees and properties will remain safe.

Proper Certification and Licensing

When selecting private security firms, it is also very important to make sure officers who will be assigned to your facility have the proper certification and licensing. Not only will this show they have been trained in the latest security procedures, but it can also be important in the event of a lawsuit filed against a client’s company or organization. Rather than let yourself be surprised by serious legal action, it is best to work with a private security company that is certified and licensed, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations. Working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ranger guarantees all officers are properly certified and licensed before beginning any assignment.

High Standards and Ethics

Before making your final choice on a private security firm, always make sure the company abides by the highest levels of professional standards and ethics. This can be done by asking for references from current and previous clients, and also inquiring about the standards to which all officers are held to during their employment. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this means putting all applicants through an extensive battery of aptitude tests, drug testing, and background checks. Once all applicants have passed these tests, they are also required to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times on their assignments. This means not only interacting with all individuals in a respectful manner, but also arriving at their assignments wearing clean and pressed uniforms, polished black shoes, and having professionally acceptable haircuts.

Supervisor Availability

In almost any assignment, situations arise where supervisors will be needed to assess a situation or provide guidance as to how to proceed. However, many private security firms, while they claim to have supervisors available to clients, often leave clients and their officers without easy access to supervisory personnel. But for clients who contract with Ranger Guard and Investigations, experienced and knowledgeable security supervisors are only a phone call, text, or email away 24/7. Since Ranger makes customer service a top priority with each client, supervisors are not only available to answer any questions a client may have, but they also make regular spot checks at assignments. In doing so, they can verify officers are performing their duties in ways that are efficient and effective, which leads to increased safety for everyone.

Since choosing a private security consultant is a very crucial decision, taking these and other factors into consideration is of the utmost importance. If you are in the need for various types of private security services, contact us at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To do so, call our offices at 713-357-8225, or visit our website at and fill out a contact form for assistance.