Private Security Company in Texas

Private Security Company

As more businesses and property managers become concerned about the safety of customers, employees, and others, many are turning to private security companies to have higher levels of protection. However, when making this important decision, it is crucial to remember not all private security companies are alike. While most offer the same basic types of services, the quality and dependability of those services often differs greatly from firm to firm. Therefore, to ensure your business, residential complex, or other type of facility chooses the best of the best private security companies in Houston and surrounding areas, rely on Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Numerous Services

Since security needs vary from client to client, it is important to choose a private security firm that offer a wide array of services. With Ranger Guard and Investigations, that is exactly what clients get. Whether it is having a need for unarmed officers for an office building, armed guards for an industrial facility or hospital, loss prevention officers to stop shoplifting in a retail store, or many other security services, clients can count on Ranger Guard and Investigations to offer the services needed to keep people and property as safe as possible.

Experienced Personnel

Even when clients are researching the largest private security companies in Houston and the surrounding area, they should always make sure the companies use experienced personnel for security assignments. In many situations, companies put little if any emphasis on prior experience, which often leads to numerous problems and mistakes. To make sure our clients have the best officers on duty at their facilities, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a high premium on hiring security officers who possess many years of experience in law enforcement and military service. By having this experience, our officers have already demonstrated an ability to handle stressful and dangerous situations in a calm and professional manner. In addition, they can combine the skills learned in previous careers with the state-of-the-art security training Ranger provides, ensuring they will be prepared for any situation they encounter.

Excellent Training

To succeed in today’s world of private security, companies must provide officers with training in a variety of areas. With workplace violence, terrorist attacks, and other dangerous situations happening almost daily, private security officers must possess the training and know-how to handle many types of emergency situations. Realizing this is a necessity, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in numerous areas. These include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Criminal Law, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Surveillance and Patrol Techniques, and other areas relevant to individual assignments.

Special Events Security

Along with offering basic security services, it is important for clients to also have access to security for special events such as sporting events, concerts, and festivals. However, since these situations involve a number of unique circumstances, it is vital officers given these assignments be trained in many types of special security measures. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations not only assigns very experienced officers to special events, but also trains them in such areas as Crowd Control, Bag Searches, K-9 Security, Verbal Deescalation Techniques, Emergency Communications, and other skills that are often needed in these situations.

Licensed and Certified Officers

When choosing private security contractor companies, always verify that all officers employed by the firm are properly licensed and certified to act as private security officers. If this is not done, many serious problems can result. For example, by not being properly licensed and certified, there is a good chance they have received little if any security training. As a result, they will likely make many costly mistakes, some of which may result in injuries or deaths. If this happens, the client may then be open to liability lawsuits, which can often exceed many millions of dollars. To keep this from happening, clients who choose Ranger Guard and Investigations for their private security needs can be assured all officers assigned to them will be properly licensed and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Because today’s world offers more and more uncertainty when it comes to safety in the workplace and other settings, choosing a private security firm that provides experienced and knowledgeable officers for all assignments is extremely important. Thus, if you are seeking private security companies near me that do this and much more, trust the safety of those at your facility, event, or other setting to Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 832-924-8311 or fill out a contact form at