Office Security In Houston Area


While in years past an office environment was deemed to be one of the safest places a person could spend their time, today’s world has changed that perception. With numerous shootings and violent acts involving disgruntled employees, spouses, and others, workers don’t know what to expect from day to day. As a result, more and more companies are making office security a top priority, and are using the services of private security officers in an effort to keep everyone safe. However, since offices have many people coming and going throughout the workday, they present a number of specific security concerns that must be addressed. To learn more about these concerns related to office building security in Houston, here is some information you’ll want to keep in mind.

Access Control

As stated earlier, offices have many people entering and exiting each day. From employees and customers to friends and other individuals, it can be difficult to keep track of who belongs there and who doesn’t. Because of this, it’s crucial to have private security officers at the building entrance to maintain proper access control. This involves not only having an updated list of current tenants and workers, but also creating ID badges for employees and approved visitors, as well as properly checking for appropriate identification, conducting bag searches if required, and other aspects to maintain high levels of security.

Security Technology

As private security has evolved over the years, it has come to rely more and more on the latest technology. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses state-of-the-art technology when providing a number of all star security services. As an example, Ranger security patrols, whether on foot or by vehicle, have officers using mobile devices to take photos or videos of areas they have patrolled, then sending the data to a client-only website, where it can be verified patrols took place. Along with this, officers are also trained in how to use high-tech surveillance systems found in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other places, enabling them to keep a client’s property, employees, residents, and others as safe as possible.

Communication Skills

Along with being thoroughly trained in access control, officers who provide security at office buildings should also have excellent communication skills. Though not employed directly by the company where they are located, they nevertheless are looked upon by visitors as representatives of the office and company. Therefore, all Ranger officers assigned to office security come to these assignments possessing excellent verbal and written communication skills, which include proper telephone etiquette. But along with these skills, officers are also trained in communication skills needed for emergency coordination with first responders, including helping set up a command center and assisting in other ways.

Professional Appearance

When providing security office environments require guards who not only have the necessary security skills, but also arrive at work presenting a professional appearance at all times. To make sure this occurs, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires all officers to wear police-style uniforms that are always clean and pressed, dark shoes that are neatly polished, and have haircuts and other aspects of their appearance that are deemed to be professional. By doing so, they can combine this with their skills in security, communication, and other areas to make sure they can gain the respect needed to perform their jobs in an effective manner.

Emergency Situations

In the event an emergency occurs at their office building, Ranger guards are trained in many aspects that will help keep everyone as safe as possible until help arrives. These areas include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Techniques, First Aid/CPR, Fire Drills and Evacuations, Elevator Entrapment, Parking Garage Security, and other emergencies that may arise. Since most office buildings contain many floors, officers are thoroughly trained in how to help individuals safely evacuate. This includes special training in helping handicapped and disabled individuals, coordinating multi-floor evacuations, and coordinating with fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel.

Armed Security

In some Houston office buildings, clients request that officers be armed. This is especially important if the building will be visited regularly by VIPs, has a history of violent encounters, or perhaps is home to expensive artwork or other items. In these situations, the officers assigned to these environments must possess the skills needed to use their weapons in an effective manner, while at the same time exercising good judgement that will keep innocent bystanders and others safe. To make sure this happens, Ranger Guard and Investigations provides extensive training and certification in firearms usage, and also conducts detailed background checks, drug tests, and aptitude testing on these officers. In fact, many officers employed by Ranger possess previous experience in law enforcement and military service, which gives them even more training and experience needed to properly handle these situations.

Discuss Your Needs with Ranger

Once your company realizes the importance of office security in Houston and is ready to discuss the many details involved with keeping an office building safe from those intent on inflicting harm, it’s time to contact Ranger Guard and Investigations. To schedule a consultation where you can discuss your concerns and discover exactly what aspects are involved in office security, contact Ranger today at 713-357-8225. By doing so, you’ll keep your office and employees safe from harm.