Office Security Guard in Texas

In today’s workplace, it has become important to have well-trained security personnel. Whether it is an ex-employee or a random act of violence by a person with no connection to a workplace, violence has made its way to offices on a regular basis. As a result, the office security guard has become a common figure for many companies, playing a vital role in keeping employees and customers safe. But since there are so many private security firms offering workplace security services, knowing which agency will provide your office with the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professionally-trained officers can be challenging. To ensure your first choice is the best choice, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Access Control

For many ex-employees bent on revenge or deranged individuals seeking to harm others, they often rely on having easy access to a building. However, by having a well-trained office security guard on duty at all times, gaining entry to an office environment can be made difficult if not impossible. By being trained in various aspects of access control management such as updating and maintaining current lists of workers, vendors, and other authorized personnel, identifying and creating various access levels for personnel, and being trained in the proper methods of creating, distributing, and recognizing identification cards and badges, a security guard or security officer at an office will keep everyone much safer during their workday.

Expert Security Training

No matter whether the office a guard is assigned to is large or small, it is vital officers on duty possess expert security training in numerous areas. To make sure this is always the case, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains officers in such areas as anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, surveillance and patrol methods, and many other areas. Along with this training, if officers on an assignment are to be armed, Ranger Guard and Investigations works closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to guarantee all officers will have the proper training, licensing, and certifications needed before starting their assignments.

Communication Skills

Since an office environment is a very professional atmosphere, it is crucial officers given these assignments posses excellent communication skills in many areas. This usually includes having proper telephone etiquette, speaking to others in a respectful tone at all times, and having the ability to produce well-written incident and daily reports. But along with these communication skills, officers must also be able to communicate well with others in the event of an emergency. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers assigned to office security in emergency coordination and command center duties and communication skills. By doing so, if an emergency occurs, officers will be able to not only give important details to first responders, but also help with obtaining information from injured individuals and direct people in proper evacuation procedures.

Professional Attitude and Appearance

When assigned a security guard office workers and managers expect that officer to possess a professional attitude and appearance while on duty each day. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes it a point to ensure officers on these assignments understand the important role they play in the workplace each day. As a result, officers given these assignments are required to arrive at their assignments wearing clean and pressed police-style uniforms, polished dark shoes, and have professional haircuts and minimal jewelry. By having a professional appearance and attitude, our officers will not only represent Ranger Guard and Investigations well, but also be a positive influence in the workplace as well.

Special Workplace Security Concerns

Since all workplaces are different, security guards given these assignments are often required to have knowledge of special workplace security concerns. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all office security guards in such areas as parking garage security, elevator entrapment procedures, fire drills and evacuation methods, dock security, and other areas as needed by a client. By having this specialized training when beginning an assignment, officers can help prevent various crimes and emergencies from occurring, and can also greatly assist police, fire, and rescue personnel in the event of an emergency.

If you have decided it is time to look for a security guard office near me that can offer an array of office security services, put your trust in Ranger Guard and Investigations. With our many years of experience, vast knowledge of workplace security procedures, and skilled security personnel, we can make your office safe each day. To contact us, call 832-924-8311 or fill out a contact form at