What are the Levels of Security? What Do They Mean for You?


As today’s world becomes more and more dangerous, companies, property owners, and others are realizing the great need for a high level of security at their facility. Whether it’s a museum needing armed guards to watch over priceless treasures, an office complex or apartment building in need of security officers to patrol the grounds and provide access control services, or even a small community festival that wants its attendees to feel as safe as possible while enjoying time with family and friends, it’s clear violence can happen anywhere at anytime. Therefore, the need for private security services in Houston has never been greater. But to make sure you get the security services you will need for your property or event, it’s crucial to work with a security firm that will know how best to determine how different levels of security can work for you.

Armed Security

Whether it’s guarding a VIP, a museum’s treasures, or a manufacturing facility, there are many instances where armed security guards in Houston will be needed. When this is the case, Ranger Guard and Investigations assigns officers that not only have previous law enforcement or military experience, but also have the latest certifications and training in firearms. And to ensure officers on these assignments have not only the necessary training but also the aptitude necessary to maintain a cool and calm demeanor in the face of danger, Ranger conducts background checks, aptitude tests, and drug testing on these guards to ensure clients receive the best possible protection.

Mobile Patrols

In situations where a large area needs to have high level security, mobile patrols often work quite well. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations utilizes a variety of different patrol techniques to make sure criminal activity is kept to a minimum. However, unlike many private security companies that have their officers patrol grounds at the same time of the day or night using the same routes and routines, Ranger does the opposite. Knowing the importance of keeping criminals off-balance, Ranger mobile patrols are done randomly by all officers. In using this approach, criminals and others will never know exactly where or when officers will be around, enabling officers to have the element of surprise on their side. By using these patrol methods, many property owners of apartment complexes and other facilities have reported decreases in crime of more than 20 percent after only a few weeks, demonstrating the effectiveness of random mobile patrols.

Event Security

Whether it’s a small local event with only a few hundred attendees or a football game or concert where thousands of people will be in attendance, event security offers perhaps the most complex and challenging assignments for Ranger guards. Because these are situations where the highest levels of security will be needed, officers on these assignments are trained in many areas of private security. These areas include Defensive Tactics, Patrol Techniques, Access and Crowd Control, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, and First Aid/CPR. And if the situation calls for it, Ranger guards will perform these assignments trained in specialized security procedures, including bag searches, surveillance, weapons training, and K-9 Patrolling and Security. By possessing these skills, officers will be well-prepared to assess potentially dangerous situations, and use the appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

VIP Security

Whether it’s a business executive, celebrity, or other individual who is considered to be a VIP, it’s crucial to assign security officers to these details that can provide high level security while also possessing a very professional appearance and demeanor. To accomplish this, Ranger often assigns guards who have many years of security experience in these situations, enabling them to give their client peace of mind. While in some unique situations officers on these assignments will wear plainclothes, in most cases they will wear police-style uniforms that are clean, neat, and pressed, wear black shoes recently polished, have neat haircuts, and exceptional levels of personal hygiene. In addition to these requirements, most officers assigned to protect VIPs have previous law enforcement or military experience, which makes them uniquely qualified to handle these complex security matters.

Speak with Ranger Guard and Investigations

Since most people are not security professionals, it can be very difficult for them to accurately assess the levels of security they will need for their situation. From guarding a VIP to providing retail security in Houston or mobile patrols for an apartment complex, Ranger Guard and Investigations has the knowledge, experience, and personnel needed for these and other complex assignments. To learn more, call Ranger at 713-357-8225.