Investigations in Houston Area


As today’s world becomes more complex, individuals as well as companies are turning to the services of private investigators to solve a variety of problems. Whether it involves the possibility of employee theft, conducting a background investigation of a potential employee, or trying to find out if a spouse may be having an extramarital affair, any of these situations call for a highly-trained investigation specialist possessing a variety of skills. When pursuing any of these areas or other situations where it’s crucial to get the facts as soon as possible, it’s always best to rely on experienced and knowledgeable investigators, such as those found at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Various Methods

Since no two cases are alike, investigators will need to use a variety of methods that can be adapted to individual situations. For example, in cases where an internal investigation is being conducted regarding possible employee theft or embezzlement, trained investigators will often rely on their IT skills by accessing advanced databases. By doing so, they can analyze many different types of information that is only available to law enforcement and investigators, enabling them to learn details that might otherwise stay hidden.

Confidential Information

Needless to say, any information uncovered by private investigators must be kept strictly confidential. Thus, a leak in information could not only jeopardize an investigation, but also prove to be very embarrassing to clients. Therefore, when choosing a private investigation company, always make sure it has a reputation for not only getting excellent results for clients, but also for maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity for its clients. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is accomplished by hiring investigators who have passed numerous aptitude tests, background checks, and have proven experience in law enforcement or military operations. By hiring individuals who have demonstrated professionalism in previous related occupations, Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide investigators who will provide peace of mind to clients.

No Need for Multiple Investigators

With more and more private investigative firms, clients are forced to rely on a team of investigators to get answers to their most pressing questions. Whether it’s an asset investigation for a business or investigating a spouse for an individual client, many firms use multiple investigators on these cases. While this may sound like a good idea, the fact is it rarely provides any more information than a competent investigator working on their own could uncover. However, with multiple people working on a case, the client is billed hundreds or thousands of dollars more than is often necessary. That’s why here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, our investigators are experienced and knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas and skills, enabling them to work a case by themselves. In doing so, our clients not only get the answers they need, but do so at much more affordable costs.

Difficult Decisions

When the time comes that a business believes a long-time and trusted employee may be committing theft or embezzlement, or a spouse believes the person they married may be having an affair, it can be a difficult decision to hire an investigator. However, it’s also important to know exactly what is happening, rather than continue to live with uncertainty. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we realize these decisions do not come easy to most people. Therefore, before agreeing to accept any case, we always sit down with potential clients and explain exactly what will happen during the course of the investigation. Since many people’s views of private investigation are skewed based upon what they’ve seen on television, it’s important for them to have realistic expectations from day one, which is what we at Ranger Guard and Investigations strive to do with each client.

Specialized Skills and Experience

Since the majority of our investigators come to us with years of experience in law enforcement and military operations, it’s only natural they have skills in numerous areas. Since much of today’s investigative work is done electronically, our investigators are usually skilled in computer forensics, especially the area dealing with mobile devices. By relying on their IT backgrounds obtained in the corporate world and other areas, Ranger investigators can solve the most difficult of cases.

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