Houston Private Security

With today’s world facing numerous challenges in maintaining security in the workplace and at public events such as concerts, many people are taking a closer look at the role of private security. While police can provide protection, they cannot be in one place 24/7. However, since private security companies are able to put their full effort into a workplace or public event, they can use a variety of methods to maintain a safe and secure environment. Along with this, many studies have shown by having a private security force in place, crime rates can be lowered by as much as 20 percent almost immediately. To learn more about the role private security firms play in today’s unstable world, here are some key facts to remember.

State-of-the-Art Training

As various security methods have developed over the years, most of today’s modern private security firms rely on state-of-the-art training to keep clients as safe as possible. For firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, this involves using numerous types of training. Some of the most important include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, K-9 Patrols and Security, Emergency Communications, and Video Surveillance. In addition to these areas, officers are also trained in the latest areas of First Aid and CPR, enabling them to provide first-line medical help until paramedics arrive on scene.

Armed Security

In some instances, armed security guards may be needed to provide the level of protection needed in a particular environment. Whether it’s an office building, bank, museum, industrial facility, or perhaps a concert or other public gathering, private armed security can help maintain law and order, while also acting as a deterrent to potential criminals. To ensure the most qualified personnel are assigned these positions, Ranger Guard and Investigations seeks to fill these positions with personnel who have previous experience in law enforcement and military service. By having experience with a variety of weapons, and also completing the advanced firearms training offered by Ranger, these guards are fully-prepared for any assignment they are given, and have the proven ability to deal with high-stress situations in a calm, professional manner.

Mobile Patrols

For private security officers who are assigned to work at apartment complexes, large-scale industrial facilities, or other similar areas, mobile patrols are extremely important in maintaining a safe environment. But to be as effective as possible with this aspect of security, Ranger Guard and Investigations differs from many security firms. Whereas most firms utilize patrols that rely on officers patrolling the same routes at the same times of the day and night, Ranger does the opposite. By constantly changing patrol routes and times, it becomes much harder for criminals to commit vandalism, burglary, assaults, or other illegal acts. By using this innovative technique, most clients of Ranger Guard and Investigations report having crime rates decrease as much as 20 percent within one month, proving its effectiveness.

Special Events

From concerts featuring today’s most popular artists to small, local festivals and community high school football games, most people now realize the valuable role private security officers can play in keeping everyone safe. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers assigned to these events receive specialized training in numerous areas. Some of the most important include Crowd Control, Bag Searches, Access Management, K-9 Security, and First Aid/CPR. Along with these areas, all officers receive training in how to coordinate emergency efforts with first responders, which includes emergency communications, creating staging areas for victims, and other pertinent details.

Loss Prevention

Since many retailers have problems with shoplifting and employee theft, they often turn to a private security contractor to provide loss prevention services. By doing so, they can have trained personnel on the premises at all times, using a variety of surveillance methods to gather evidence and help apprehend those committing crimes. In many cases, the use of private security officers for loss prevention is kept a secret by management, allowing officers to perform their duties while unsuspecting shoplifters and thieves feel as if they have nothing to worry about. Whether using plainclothes officers or ones stationed at a video surveillance center in a facility, Ranger Guard and Investigations has an excellent track record in this area.

Hire the Best

If you are in need of a Texas private security firm that offers the best-trained personnel in the industry, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll take the first step toward keeping your employees, customers, and others safe from potential harm.