Diplomatic Security


In today’s world, international relations are often in the spotlight. Unfortunately, there are also a variety of security threats that go along with them. As a result, additional security is now often used when protecting diplomats who are in the United States. Since these individuals are given tremendous responsibility in helping to negotiate peaceful solutions to complex and sometimes very dangerous situations, it is critical they be surrounded by a security force that has the capability to deal with any type of emergency that may occur. If you are in need of a US diplomatic security service, here are some ways Ranger Guard and Investigations can be of assistance.

Experienced Security Professionals

Due to the ongoing threats from both international and domestic terrorists, diplomats are considered extremely valuable targets for individuals and organizations intent on inflicting harm and chaos. Due to the many threats that are made against those trying to solve complex international issues, it is important to have a diplomatic security agent on duty who has vast levels of experience and knowledge pertaining to these situations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we accomplish this goal by hiring numerous individuals with prior experience in law enforcement and international military operations. In fact, many of our security officers come to us with years of experience in combat operations, military intelligence, and special operations. By possessing this specialized knowledge, our officers are able to not only spot potential security risks, but also handle them in a professional manner that keeps everyone safe.

Expert Security Training

While providing US diplomatic security is very similar to many other private security assignments, it also comes with many key differences. Since failure in these situations can potentially lead to a serious international incident, it will be vital the diplomatic security officer in charge has the most up-to-date security training available to them. Realizing this, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations make it a point to provide our diplomatic security personnel with comprehensive training in many key areas. These include not only training in First Aid/CPR and Emergency Communications, but also in-depth training in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and Anti-Terrorism Tactics. By starting a diplomatic security assignment armed with this knowledge and experience, our clients can rest easy, knowing they and those in their party will be protected by individuals who are ready to handle the most serious of situations.

Strict Hiring Process

Due to the importance concerning diplomatic security, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses a very strict hiring process when selecting officers who will be given these assignments. In fact, our hiring process is considered by many to be the strictest in the private security industry. To start with, we require all applicants to undergo a series of aptitude tests, aimed specifically to gauge how they will react to certain situations they may face on the job. Once these tests are completed, we move on to a complete background check involving an applicant’s professional, personal, and educational references. Along with these areas, we also conduct a criminal background check, making sure all records from various law enforcement databases are reviewed. Finally, our applicants are required to pass very strict and thorough drug tests. These tests, which are multi-level and able to detect even the slightest traces of alcohol or illegal substances, are without a doubt the most comprehensive drug tests used in the private security industry. Once all tests and background checks are completed to our satisfaction, only then will we allow an officer to be given a diplomatic security assignment.

VIP Protection

Since all diplomats are considered to be VIPs, their security details sometimes require unique methods be used for their protection. Because of this, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations also have officers who specialize in VIP protection. In this capacity, officers often work as plainclothes personnel, and are skilled in such areas as Crowd Control, Bag Searches, K-9 Security, Defensive Driving Techniques, and Advanced First Aid/CPR. Since it can take only one mistake to result in a tragic situation taking place, we make sure officers given these unique assignments are not only skilled in VIP Protection, but also other important areas of security as well.

When you are in need of a diplomatic security service, it is best to work with a private security firm that has extensive experience in this area of specialized personal protection. To learn more about how Ranger Guard and Investigations can keep your diplomatic personnel safe, call us at 832-924-8311 or visit us online at rangerguard.net.