Best Security Agency in Texas


When you are in need of private security, it can be for a number of different situations. For example, in some instances unarmed guards may be needed to patrol an apartment complex or manufacturing facility, while in other cases armed guards may be necessary in a museum or bank. And in some cases, security personnel will be needed to provide crowd control at sporting events or concerts, or even provide one-on-one security for a VIP. Whatever the case may be, clients want to make sure they have hired the best security agency possible. Because of this, when private security services of various types are needed by businesses and organizations in Houston and the surrounding area, they turn to a top 10 security agency, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Qualified Personnel

While there are many private security agencies from which to choose, that does not mean all have the same requirements for their personnel. In some instances, a company may choose not to check personal and professional references, or to hire those not possessing the best qualifications. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our top priority is to provide clients with the most qualified personnel in the industry. As a result, all officers are drug tested, have backgrounds thoroughly checked, and pass numerous aptitude tests before ever being hired by Ranger. And once they are hired, we ensure they obtain the necessary certifications and licensing needed before ever starting an assignment.

Security Training

No matter the type of assignment an officer will be working, unusual and potentially dangerous situations can happen in an instant. Because of this, all officers must be well-prepared to deal with a variety of situations, including medical emergencies, fires, and active shooters. Due to the volatility found in today’s world, Ranger Guard and Investigations puts a premium on giving all officers the most up-to-date and thorough training in the industry. In fact, before ever beginning an assignment, our private security guards must complete courses in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Criminal Law, Defensive Tactics, Patrol and Surveillance Techniques, and First Aid/CPR. Along with these areas, officers who will be working special assignments, such as event security or VIP security, receive additional training in Crowd Control, Access Control, Bag Searches, K-9 Security, and other areas.

An Emphasis on Experience

While it is certainly reasonable to believe an individual will little if any prior experience in security can obtain the training and skills needed to be an excellent officer, Ranger Guard and Investigations nevertheless puts an emphasis on prior experience. As a result, we often hire many officers who have prior experience as police officers or military combat personnel. By doing so, not only do these applicants come to the job already possessing many important skills, but they have also demonstrated their ability to handle high-stress situations in a professional and calm manner. Because of this emphasis we place on prior experience, clients realize when they hire our services, they are dealing with the top security agency in the industry.

Professional Standards

While a private security officer must possess the skill set of security training to be effective on their assignment, they must also demonstrate the highest of professional standards and ethics as well. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations not only trains officers in security skills, but also various aspects of customer service and communication. One of our most innovative training methods is Enforcement Through Reinforcement, which teaches officers how to use certain communication techniques to deescalate situations before they turn violent. By using these techniques, officers have been able to keep many situations from becoming dangerous to them and those nearby. Along with this, all Ranger officers use the utmost professionalism in dealing with clients and others they interact with during the course of their assignment. By doing so, they demonstrate a level of professionalism and ethics that can only be found at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Variety of Services

When selecting the best security agency for your needs, it is often best to work with an agency that can provide a variety of services. Whether it is standard patrolling of apartment complexes and office buildings, or perhaps loss prevention and investigative services, working with an agency that has a proven track record of success in numerous areas is often the smart decision. Thus, no matter the type of security services you may need, Ranger Guard and Investigations can help.

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