If you have employees who work offsite or in remote areas, patrolling their locations is a must. But how do you find the time and money to provide this service? By hiring a mobile patrol services company! These companies will patrol your property and make sure everything is safe for your employees. How does it work? The company sends out patrols on a set schedule to be there when an employee needs them most. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes watching over your team 24/7. Visit this link for more information.

Mobile patrol services can provide peace of mind to your business and protect employees. A professional patrol service can reduce the costs associated with theft, vandalism, fire damage, or liability issues inherent in some industries. Mobile patrol services offer an obvious deterrent against crime while providing an excellent source for early detection of security incidents at facilities where it is impractical to be staffed 24 hours per day by uniformed officers/guards on foot beats. A mobile patrolling officer will monitor entry points into company properties and parking lots, looking for signs of intrusion or damage after office closing time. The patrols may also include walking through buildings if alarms have been activated during non-operating hours. Read about Protecting Your Employees and Property: Mobile Patrol Service here.