Security is a hot topic right now, with the recent events in Paris. As business owners, it’s important to protect your company from any potential threats. One way to do this is by using unarmed security guards at your location. Unarmed security guards are often overlooked because they are not as intimidating or scary as armed ones. But don’t be fooled – they still have plenty of benefits for you and your company! This blog post will go over five reasons why you should use unarmed security guards at your business today. Houston, TX can be seen here.

unarmed security guards -The number one task of a good unarmed guard is to keep the peace.-Protect your business and property. Make sure you arm yourself with all the information you need before hiring an armed or unarmed security guard for your company. Armed Security Guard training can be quick, easy, and affordable at American Military University (AMU). You will learn how to handle firearms in high-stress situations so that everyone on-site remains safe while keeping criminals away from valuable assets such as people, product inventory equipment, documents, etc…Our self-defense courses are designed by industry professionals who have decades of experience in law enforcement military special forces. Click here to read about Unarmed Security Guards: Pros and Cons.