Unarmed officers are now assigned to patrol the Austin neighborhood to increase safety for residents. The Metropolitan Department first used unarmed patrols in Washington D.C. Unarmed officers don’t carry guns or weapons. Still, they do wear protective vests and have access to batons and pepper spray. They walk through neighborhoods that need extra attention, talk with people on corners, and help fight crime wherever it may be happening around town. These unarmed officers also help keep the peace during protests or other public gatherings so that no one gets hurt. Visit this link for more information.

Ranger Guard and Investigations | Protecting Residents in Austin with Unarmed Officers

Protecting residents living in Austin from the dangers of crime is a top priority for locals. Unarmed officers can provide an extra layer of safety by preventing violent situations before escalating into something dangerous. In contrast, armed officers can use lethal force to protect themselves and others if necessary. Unarmed has been shown to reduce injuries among citizens and law enforcement alike because it allows officers more time to think about how best to handle each situation without putting anyone’s life at risk. It also reduces the likelihood that someone will be injured or killed during an arrest since there is no need for firearms when unarmed tactics such as grappling with suspects may prove enough on their own. Unarmed forces have been proven effective in reducing rates of violence and decreasing the number of fatalities officers face on the job. Unarmed is part of a larger initiative by Austin law enforcement to build better relationships with community members. They are not viewed as dangerous threats but opportunities for all stakeholders in the city to work together towards increased safety and stability throughout Austin’s neighborhoods. Read about Things You Didn’t Know About Unarmed Officers here.