Dallas, Texas Patrol Services, goals and objectives include but are not limited to the following: preventing crime, maintaining public safety, ensuring public order, and helping the injured recover. As one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas, it prides itself on providing the best training and highest quality police services to its citizens. The patrol services offer training that teaches its officers to react quickly and effectively in any situation while adhering to the strictest discipline standards. The goal is to use the training and tools provided by the Dallas Police Department to prevent crime and to ensure that all individuals living in Dallas are able to live and work in a safe and secure environment. Further facts about Dallas, TX can be found here.


Through various community resource programs, the Dallas  Patrol Services educates individuals about crime and the ways that crime can be prevented. In addition to public safety campaigns, the Dallas, Patrol Services also participates in various community events to address crime prevention and to help the community to look out for one another. The goals of these community events include increasing awareness of the dangers of crime, teaching children about the difference between right and wrong, and informing the public on the importance of police officers enforcing the law. Information about Choosing The Right Patrol Service Company in Dallas, Texas can be found here.

Beyond the education provided by the Dallas, Patrol Services, the agency also encourages cooperation between citizens and police officers. The Dallas, Patrol Services encourages cooperation between citizens and police officers by providing training to assist in the reduction of crime in the city. Additionally, the Dallas, Patrol Services also provides a record of arrests made under each of its divisional commands. This information is compiled into a weekly crime report that is distributed to the press, to other law enforcement agencies, and to the general public.