Ranger Guard is a private security guard company in New Orleans, Louisiana. We offer local New Orleans security guard services. All security officers, guards, and private bodyguards are highly trained and professional. As one of the most trusted security guard companies in New Orleans LA, we offer:


Armed Security Guards in New Orleans Louisiana

An armed security officer is licensed to carry a weapon while performing their duties. These duties typically include surveilling, patrolling, and maintaining peace in New Orleans. While some may question the use of weapons in a security officer’s arsenal, there are several Advantages to having an armed guard on duty.

New Orleans Louisiana Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Mobile Patrol Security services have become increasingly important in New Orleans, Louisiana. Officers operate by showing up repeatedly throughout the night in marked vehicles. This strategy is effective because it increases visibility, making it harder for criminals to carry out their activities without being caught. Furthermore, mobile patrol officers are trained to be vigilant and proactive in identifying suspicious behavior, which helps prevent crimes before they happen.
In conclusion, Mobile Patrol Security is Vital to Businesses that wants to protect its assets and ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

New Orleans Loss Prevention Louisiana

Preventing theft in New Orleans is crucial to the success of businesses, especially those in retail environments, warehouses, or any workplace where employees have access. With the rise of organized crime and employee thefts, it’s important for businesses to prioritize asset protection and implement a Comprehensive Loss Prevention Program. The consequences of theft can be devastating for a business, including financial loss and damage to reputation.

Louisiana Workplace Security

The workplace should be a safe and secure space for employees to work in. However, issues can arise at any business at any moment. Therefore, it is important to establish a Proper Workplace Security System that not only protects the employees but also safeguards the company’s assets.

Unarmed Security Officers New Orleans

Unarmed security personnel are often the ideal option in the majority of security conditions. While many people might assume that an unarmed security guard is less effective than an armed one, this is not always true. In fact, there are many situations where having Unarmed Security Personnel can Provide a Safer Environment for both Property and People.

Special Events Security Louisiana

Effective Event Security Guards is more than just checking bags and controlling crowds. An experienced event security team must be equipped with a variety of competencies to cope with every possible situation that may differ from event to event. The purpose of an effective security team is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone attending the event.

Executive & Close Protection Service in New Orleans Louisiana

Professional VIP Protection Service is one of the most critical aspects of modern-day security. With increasing instances of terrorism, crime, and other forms of threats, Executive protection has become a specialized field that requires extensive training and expertise. One such aspect is security officer training, which includes anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, first-aid response, criminal law knowledge, and firearms training.

Building Security Louisiana

Business owners have a lot on their plate. They need to worry about sales, marketing, employee management, and customer satisfaction. However, one aspect that often goes overlooked is building security. Business owners are concerned about the possibility of a trespasser breaking in and wrecking their business operations. This concern has led many business owners in New Orleans to invest in Building Security Guard Service that offers top-notch protection for businesses 24/7.

Sporting Events Security Services New Orleans

When it comes to sporting events, security is a top priority. With the sheer number of people gathering in one location, coupled with alcohol consumption, it’s no surprise that event organizers are often left concerned about the safety of their attendees. This is where hiring Professional Armed Event Security Guards come into play – they serve as a crucial element in ensuring that everyone can enjoy the game without fear.

New Orleans K-9 Dog Protection Service

K9 units have proven to be an indispensable asset in law enforcement agencies. Trained dogs possess a unique ability to locate missing persons, detect illegal drugs or concealed weapons, and provide critical assistance during emergency situations. The heightened senses of these furry companions enable them to pick up on scents undetectable by humans, making them an invaluable resource for promoting public safety. This become increasingly popular in recent years due to K-9 Security Effectiveness in increasing Safety on Properties.



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Professional Standards: All staff are required to uphold our exacting professional standards of attire, courtesy, customer service and personal hygiene. Their hard work, extensive experience, and faith turned a dream into reality.Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Louisiana and the Southwest. Founder David Catran is a former secret service agent and foreign ministry vice consul of security. He took his professional experience in the field to develop a security model that works to protect businesses and individuals in all environments and settings. We prioritize hiring military and law enforcement veterans with active combat experience. We know there is no substitute for time spent in the field when it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency.

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Ranger Guard of New Orleans, Louisiana



About New Orleans, Louisiana

Located on the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is a city in Louisiana. Its nickname, the “Big Easy,” comes from its lively nightlife, energetic live-music culture, and unique cuisine that reflects its history as a blend of French, African, and American cultures. Mardi Gras, a late-winter carnival known for its wild costumed parades and street parties, embodies the city’s festive spirit.
Learn more About New Orleans, Louisiana.

FAQ About New Orleans LA


Why is New Orleans famous?

The city of New Orleans is famous worldwide for its exceptional music, Creole cooking, peculiar dialects, and yearly festivities and events, particularly the Mardi Gras. The French Quarter is the historical center of the city, recognized for its French and Spanish Creole style buildings and lively nightlife on Bourbon Street.

What are people from New Orleans called?

After America took control of New Orleans in 1803, French and Spanish descendants who were among the city’s early settlers coined the term Creole to differentiate themselves from the growing number of American citizens settling in the area. This label was intended to describe the local population.

Is it expensive in New Orleans?

The cost of housing in New Orleans is 44% above the national average, while utility prices are 20% lower than the national average. In terms of transportation expenses, such as bus fares and gas prices, they are 1% lower than the national average.

What is Louisiana known for?

Cajun and Creole cuisine, Mardi Gras festivities, a rich cultural legacy, bayous, jazz music, and being the origin of American blues are all well-known aspects of Louisiana. Additionally, the state has a significant French colonial impact.

Is Louisiana a good place to live?

Louisiana is renowned for its exceptional cultural legacy, delectable food, and varied scenic vistas. Retirees can revel in the state’s stunning Gulf of Mexico coastlines and the lively Cajun traditions of urban centers such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, making it an outstanding place to settle down.


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