Located in Collin County, Texas, Murphy is a vibrant town that is constantly bustling with activity. With its prime location near San Antonio and Austin, Murphy has become a thriving community and the third-largest city in Texas based on population. Learn more facts here.

Murphy, Texas has established itself as a thriving urban center that continues to flourish at an astonishing rate. In just half a century, this city has experienced exponential growth in every direction imaginable – a testament to its appeal for both businesses and individuals seeking new opportunities. Notably, Murphy boasts an impressively low cost of living that sets it apart from other major cities across the nation. Furthermore, it takes pride in its extensive transportation network, exceptional medical services, and overall affordability. Read about Highland Park, Texas Apartments, and Real Estate Market Analysis here. 

In recent years, Murphy, Texas has experienced remarkable growth in both its residential and commercial sectors. Recent studies indicate that over 20,000 people now call this city their home. These residents hail from all corners of Texas and even include individuals from states such as California, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas itself. The city’s remarkable progress and development have significantly contributed to the state’s growth rate of about thirty-three percent over the last five years – a figure that far exceeds the national average of approximately twenty percent.