Why Armed Security?

Sometimes, having armed security personnel at your hospital or clinic is the best option you have at your disposal for keeping everyone safe and happy on the job or on the road to recovery: The grounds team, the doctors, the nurses, and the patients alike! 

You do not need to make this decision on how to best protect your property alone. We understand that each and every building/complex is unique in its needs. You can schedule a consultation and Ranger Guard and Investigations can give you a free quote on each available service. Visit https://rangerguard.net/request-a-proposal/ for more information. Find more information here.

Why Armed Patrol Works 

Keeping track of who comes in and out of your facility is the first measure our company will take in keeping your people and property safe and secure. This allows peace of mind for anyone hoping to work without distraction or focus on their recovery. 

Meanwhile, patrolling an area keeping criminals or any unwanted/unauthorized persons at bay and away from your facility.  By not knowing precisely when and where a patrol officer will be, there is no confidence for someone who wishes to commit mischief–only peace of mind for you and the people entrusted to your medical care. 

Our clients have experienced major drops in criminal activities on their properties upon hire of one of our armed patrol services: Up to 20 percent drops! For more on how our patrolling services can assist you, check out https://www.rangerguard.net/rg/armed-guard-in-texas/See here for information about Patrolling: First Line Of Sporting Event Protection.

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