Lost Creek, Texas, located about fifteen minutes north of Austin, is a home community for middle-class people who are looking to relocate to a more urban environment. It is also one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, with homes and properties that sell for more than six figures. The area is known as the “Harley Road,” because it is frequented by bikers from around the world who come to ride in the “Harley” part of the road. This proximity to downtown Austin is also conducive to business development, as many residents work in the downtown area. Find more information here. 


Lost Creek, Texas, which was developed by property developer Jack Taylor, has recently seen a growth in its real estate sales. The community of Lost Creek was recently listed as one of the best growing neighborhoods in Texas, according to the Texas Monthly. Lost Creek, situated on the southern edge of the Dallas metroplex, is one of the fastest-growing areas for real estate sales in the Texas Monthly’s survey of Texas communities. The unique aspect of this part of the state is that it is not designated as a city, but rather is classified as a rural residential area. See here for information about The Quiet and Unique Little Town of Hornsby Bend, Texas.

According to the US Census, the average household income in Lost Creek was $7500 per year. The average household income in the city of Austin was just over two thousand dollars per year. This means that Lost Creek, Texas is a much better value than the national average, which is one of the reasons that this community is gaining in popularity as one of the fastest-growing suburbs of the United States. With the proximity of downtown Austin, more residents are choosing to move into this part of Texas, which has a very high quality of life, from shopping malls to family-friendly restaurants. The unique combination of historical homes on quiet creeks and beautiful landscaping makes this community a perfect community for anyone who is looking to make their mark on Texas’ history and culture.