The Alamo Heights community is a small, but thriving city in Central Texas. It’s less than an hour away from downtown San Antonio and offers a great quality of life for its residents. With lots of parks, restaurants, and shopping opportunities nearby, there are plenty of ways to spend your time here as well! Learn more here.

It’s located about 20 miles from downtown San Antonio and the Alamo River. A suburb of San Antonio itself, it has been called “San Antonio’s first suburb” and “the jewel of Bexar County.” The population as of 2007 was 11,690 residents. Learn more about A Journey to Shavano Park, Texas.

Alamo Heights, Texas sits at an elevation of 650 feet and has been called the most exclusive municipality in the entire country’ by Money Magazine. It’s one of San Antonio’s wealthiest suburbs as well as being among the most affluent enclaves in America.

It is a beautiful area with the San Antonio River and some of the most amazing views you can find just outside your window each day. There are so many different places to shop downtown from antique stores on Broadway Street to high-end boutiques on Hunter Ave and everything in between. You will also find great restaurants that serve up dishes like chicken fried steak at Denny’s or salads at Panera Breads all within walking distance.