Del Valle is a small town in Texas with a population of around 3,000. The entire city consists of one main street and a few side streets. The people who live here are mainly Hispanic and speak Spanish as their first language. Del Valle can be described as the perfect example of what life would have been like for many Americans before the Industrial Revolution. It is not uncommon to see horses roaming free on the streets or to hear chickens clucking in backyards. Information can be found here.

People who live in Del Valle usually enjoy a simple life and are able to get away from the noise of cities like Austin. There is plenty of land for kids to play, and people can always find time for an afternoon nap. See here for information about Bluff Springs, Texas: What to See and Do.

The people here are friendly and hospitable, but they also have a certain way of life that is deeply rooted in traditions passed down from generation to generation. Here, it’s not uncommon for family members to share their homes with one another, which usually means children will live with grandparents until legal age as there is no law against child labor or employment at the time of this writing (though some communities do set limits on how many hours per week an underage person can work). And while Del Valle has been called “the gateway to Mexico,” its inhabitants often travel north across the border into Texas for supplies–sometimes traveling 30 miles by foot or horseback through desolate terrain just so they don’t have to spend money on gas.