How safe is your facility? You may think that mobile patrol services are only for residential neighborhoods, but they can be a great way to keep you and your employees safe. Mobile Patrol Services are mobile security officers who patrol the perimeter of commercial or industrial facilities. They also check in on any vehicles parked outside the building as well as people going into and out of the property. Their main job is to provide safety checks by being an extra set of eyes at all times. Information can be found here.

The mobile patrol officer patrols the premises, checking for any suspicious activity as well as performing perimeter security sweeps looking for unsafe materials that should be removed or secured before they cause harm. In addition, mobile patrol officers will check in on any vehicles parked outside your facility and people coming into your property as well as going out from it such as during a fire evacuation (i) They also have first aid training so if something does happen while patrolling their territory then they can provide assistance. See here for information about Mobile Patrol Services: The Best Way to Ensure Safety.

Mobile patrols are essential for any facility, whether it be a hospital or school. With the average response time to an emergency being six minutes and seven seconds, mobile patrol services ensure safety by providing constant surveillance of your property with at least two people on duty 24/hours per day, 365 days per year. These individuals will also make sure that all entrances into your building are secure and monitored as well as making rounds inside in order to check for anything suspicious before it becomes dangerous – even having access to locksmiths should they be needed.